Mortal Kombat Kung Lao and Liu Kang


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text » Mortal Kombat Trilogy Guide, walkthrough , cheat codes, hints and secrets.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Character Select Screen

You have been chosen to represent the Earth in Mortal Kombat. Be warned. for although your souls are safe from Shao Kahn's evil: Your lives are not. I can no longer interfere as your Earth is now ruled by the Outworld gods. These are the words of Raiden.THERE IS NO KNOWLEDGE THAT IS NOT POWER.

Release Date September 1, 1996

Playable Kombatants:

  • There are a total of 37 playable characters, with one (Chameleon) being

What's News

  • Not all the stages from past MK's are in the game, but there are still 29
  • So far there are seven stage fatalities
  • There are no finishing moves for the bosses (Though they are selectible)
  • Brutalities are in. If you want to see one, just loose to the computer a
  • couple of times.
  • 4 characters are playable (MK1 Kano, MK1 Rayden, MK2 Jax, and
    MK2 Kung Lao) they are playable by highlighting one of these characters
    (In thier MK3 picture) and pressing select.

    How to access the in the options menu:

    Go into the options menu and highlight any of the four blocks. Then hold R1/R2/L1/L2 and UP, then wait for a couple of seconds and if done right you will hear a bang. You can now access the ?. Here are your selections.
  • 1 Button Fatalities ON\OFF
  • Instant Aggressor ON\OFF
  • Normal Boss Damage ON\OFF
  • Health Recovery ON\OFF
  • Low Damage ON\OFF

    Here is the button config when under one button fatalities:

    R1 and L1 (Block) Friendships
    R2 and L2 (Run) Animalities
    HP Brutality
    LP Babality
    LK Fatality 1
    HK Fatality 2

    Play as Chameleon
    To play as Chameleon, you must be playing as any male ninja. Before any round hold back on the control pad and HP,HK,Block,and Run.Just before the round begins you will turn into Chameleon.

    About Chameleon
    Chameleon is a transparent character who about every 7-10 seconds will morph into into any of the male ninjas. And while he is morphed into one of the ninjas you can do all of that characters combos and special moves. Also another good thing is that there is absolutely no lag time when morphing.

    Things to note about Chameleon
  • If he tries to morph while doing a special move, he usually stays the same If two players are playing as Chameleon the Playstation seems to have a hard time to keep both players morphing and one will character will stay same character throughout the match.

    Fight against Chameleon
    To fight against Chameleon, beat the game either against the CPU or in the 8-Player tournament and choose box number 2 at Shao Kahn's treasure chest.

    Choose your background
    When at the character select screen, highlight either Human Smoke or Sonya and then press and hold start and up on the control pad. Id done correctly you'll hear a low exploding sounding the background. After you choose your character you will also get to choose the the stage you want to play on.

    Shao Kahn's Treasure Chest
    After you beat Shao Kahn or win the 8 player tournament you can pick a symbol from his treasure chest. The higher the skill level the more boxes you get to pick from. In the 8 player tournament you can choose from all the boxes)
  • Box 1: Character Endings
  • Box 2: Fight Chameleon
  • Box 3: MK1 Classic Endurance
  • Box 4: MK2 Classic Endurance
  • Box 5: Random Prize
  • Box 6: Fatality Demo 1
  • Box 7: Fatality Demo 2
  • Box 8: Fatality Demo 3
  • Box 9: Super Endurance Match (all girls/Roboninjas)
  • Box 10:Battle against Shokan Champions
  • Box 11:Mega Endurance (All male ninjas)
  • Box 12:Supreme Fatality Demonstration

    Quick Exit
  • You can now quit any match by pressing Start and while the game is paused press select, then it will ask if you want to quit or continue.



    U-Up HP-High Punch (Square) HK-High Kick (Triangle)
    F-Forward BL-Block (R1/L1)
    D-Down LP-Low Punch (X button) LK-Low Kick (O button)
    B-Back R-Run (L2/R2)

    If F,F,D,F is written. It means to tap Forward, Forward, Down, and
    Forward on the D-Pad.
    If Hold LP (F,F,D,F) id written it means to hold LP and tap whatever is
    in brackets while hold LP.
    If D+LP is written it means to hit Down and Low Punch at the same time.
    If a move requires to use UP then you may use block so you won't jump while
    doing the move. If a move dosen't have up then if you use block then you
    must release it before the last button is hit.

    To throw your opponent just get very close and hit LP.

    Friendships and Babalities:

    You CAN now use block during winning round
    You can do them from anywhere on the screen (unless specified)

    Stage Fatalities:
  • Scorpian's Lair
  • Bell Tower
  • The Subway
  • The Kombat Tomb
  • The Dead Pool (Hold Down on both controllers after done to hear somebody say
  • something very strange)
  • The Pit 1 (Instead of doing a regular stage fatality just uppercut your
    opponent of the ledge)
  • See stage to see how to do these for each character the distance is
    always very close!

    After you do the stage fatality on Scorpian's Lair hold both HP and Run Buttons on both controllers hear Shao Kahn and Dan Forden say Crispy.
    To perform a mercy you must be in the third round, when it says Finish Him/Her move anywhere except for close and tap-Hold RUN (D,D,D,D) This will give your opponent back a little bit of power.
    Remember: You must perform a mercy to do an Animality.
    When the screen says Finish HIM/HER tap a series of buttons like a chain combo. Your character starts to hit your opponent. You go through about 10 or 12 button taps and then the game goes into fatality mode where the computer gets about 10-15 more hits, increasing. And then your opponent explodes...BRUTALITY!!!
    Random Select:
    For Player One highlight Noob Saibot and press UP+Start.
    For Player Two highlight Rain and press UP+Start.


    Blade Spark: D,B,HP.
    Shredder: B,B,B,LP.
    Blade Spin: F,D,F,BL. (Keep tapping block to keep spinning)
    Blade Swipe: B+HP.
    Fatality: (Close) Hold BL (B,B,B) (Decapitation)
    Fatality: (Close) B,F,D,B,LP. (Blade Lift)
    Friendship: D,F,HK.
    Babality: F,F,F,HK.
    Brutality: HP,HP,HP,LP,LP,BL,HK,HK,LK,LK,BL.
    Grab Smack: F,F,HP.
    Twirl Spin: B,B,F,LK.
    Taunt: D,D,LK.
    Fireball: B,B,B,LP.

    Jax (MK2 Version)
    Energy Wave: F,D,B,HK
    Gotcha!: F,F,LP (Close)
    Air Energy Wave: D,F,HK.
    Earthquake: Hold LK for three seconds then release.
    Quad-Slam: Throw and tap HP repeatedly
    Backbreaker: Block (While in air with opponent)
    Fatality: (Close) Hold LP (F,F,F) (The Clapper)
    Fatality: (Close) BL,BL,BL,BL,LP. (Arm Rip)
    Friendship: D,D,U,U,LK.
    Babality: U,U,D,LK.
    Brutality:: HP,HP,BL,LP,LP,HP,BL,HK,HK,HP.

    Johnny Cage:
    High Fireball: F,D,B,HP.
    Low Fireball: B,D,F,LP.
    Green Shadow Kick: B,F,LK.
    Red Shadow Kick. B,B,F,LK.
    Shadow Uppercut: B,D,B,HP.
    Fatality: (Close) D,D,F,F,LP (Knock off head)
    Fatality: (close) D,D,F,F,LK (Exploding Backbreaker)
    Friendship: D,D,D,D,LK.
    Babality: F,B,B,HP.
    Stage: D,B,F,F,BL.
    Brutality: HP,LK,HK,LP,HP,HK,HK,HP,HP,LP,HP.

    Kano (MK1 Version)
    Knife Toss: Hold BL. (B,F) or B,F,BL.
    Knife Spin: B,F,HP. (The faster you hit HP the faster it goes)
    Roll: Hold BL (360 Forward) Release
    Fatality: (close) B,D,F,LP (Heart Rip)
    Stage: B,F,F,BL.
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,HK,HK,LK,HK,HP,HP,LP,HP.

    Grab & Smack: F,F,HP.
    Teleport Stomp: D,U.
    Taunt: D,D,LK.

    Kung Lao (MK2 Version)
    Hat Toss: B,F,LP.
    Shield: U,U,LK. (Tap LK to keep going)
    Teleport: D,U.
    Dive Kick: D+HK (In air)
    Super Dive: B,B,F.
    Fatality: (full screen) Hold LP (B,F) aim for head (Hat Decap)
    Friendship: D,D,D,HK.
    Babality: F,F,B,B,HK.
    Stage: F,F,F,HP.
    Brutality: HP,LP,HK,HK,LP,LP,LP,LK,LK,BL,HP.

    Grab Smack: F,F,HP.
    Fireball: F,D,B,HP.
    Teleport: D,U.

    Noob Saibot:
    Projectile: D,F,LP (Leaves opponent venerable for a short time)
    Shadow Toss: F,F,HP.
    Teleport Slam: D,U.
    Fatality: (sweep) B,B,F,F,HK. (Skull Ring)
    Fatality: (close) D,D,U,Run. (Teleport Slam)
    Friendship: F,F,B,HP.
    Babality: F,F,F,LP.
    Animality: (just past sweep) B,F,B,F,HK.
    Brutality: HP,LK,LP,BL,LK,HK,HP,LP,BL,LK,HK.

    Fireball Control: D,F,LP. (move you opponent around once the projectile hits
    Lightning Bolt: B,B,HP.
    Teleport Kick: B+HK.
    SuperRoundhouse: Normal Roundhouse but knocks your opponent trough the screen
    Fatality: (close) F,F,D+HP.
    Fatality: (sweep) D,D,B,F,HK. (Lightning Strike)
    Friendship: D,F,F,F,LP.
    Babality: F,B,B,HP.
    Animality: (sweep) BL,Bl,R,R,BL.
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,LK,HK,BL,LK,HK,BL,HP,LP.

    Lightning Bolt: D,F,LP
    Reverse Lightning Bolt: D,B,LP.
    Torpedo: B,B,F.
    Teleport: D,D,U.
    Fatality: (Close) Hold HP for 5-10 seconds then release (Explodind Uppercut)
    Fatality: (Close) Hold LK for 3 seconds the release, then tap LK+BL rapidly
    Friendship: D,B,F,HK.
    Babality: D,D,U,HK.
    Animality: (sweep) D,F,D,HK.
    Stage: D,D,D,HK.
    Brutality: HP,HP,LK,LK,LK,HK,LP,LP,LP,BL,BL.

    Rayden (MK1 Version)
    Lightning: D,F,LP.
    Torpedo: B,B,F.
    Teleport: D,U.
    Fatality: (sweep) F,F,B,B,B,HP.
    Stage: D,D,F,HK.
    Brutality: HP,HP,HP,HP,BL,BL,HK,HK,HK,BL,LP,HP,HP.

    Shao Kahn:
    Hammer: B,F,HP.
    Fireball: B,B,F,LP.
    Grab and Punch: F,F,HP.
    Charge: D,F,LP.
    Upwards Charge: D,F,HP.
    Taunt: D,D,LK.
    Laugh: D,D,HK.
    Throw: F,F,LP.

    Classic Sub-Zero:
    Freeze: D,F,LP.
    Ground Freeze: D,B,LK.
    Slide: B+LP+LK+BL.
    Fatality: (close) D,D,D,F,HP.
    Fatality: (close) D,F,F,F,HP. (Ice Spike)
    Babality: D,F,F,HK.
    Stage: F,D,F,F,HP.
    Brutality: HP,LK,HK,LP,HP,HK,HK,HP,HP,LP.

    Close Grenade: Hold LK (B,B,HK)
    Far Grenade: Hold LK (F,F,HK)
    Net: B,B,LK.
    Teleport: F,D,BL.
    Air Throw: D,F,BL. Then LP to throw.
    Fatality: (Anywhere) D,D,U,D,HP. (Helicopter)
    Fatality: (close) D,D,F,U,R. (Self Destruct)
    Friendship: R,R,R,U.
    Babality: F,F,B,HP.
    Animality: (close) U,U,D,D
    Stage: R,BL,R.
    Brutality: HP,HK,HP,HK,HK,HP,HK,HP,HK,LK,LP.

    Fireball: D,B,LP.
    Exploding Teleport: B,D,HP.
    Telekenetic Slam: B,D,B,HK.
    Fatality: (close) R,BL,R,R,HK.
    Fatality: (sweep) D,U,D,D,D,BL.
    Friendship: D,F,F,F,R.
    Stage: R,R,R,R,LK.
    Animality: F,F,B,B,LK.
    Brutality: HP,HP,LP,BL,HK,LK,BL,HP,LP,LK,HK.

    Human Smoke:
    Spear: B,B,LP.
    Teleport: D,B,HP.
    Throw in air: Block in air with opponent.
    Fatality: (half screen) R,BL,R,R,HK. (UltraLAME teleport)
    Fatality: (Just outside sweep) F,F,B,R.
    Friendship: D,F,F,F,R.
    Babality: D,B,B,F,HP.
    Stage: F,U,U,LP.
    Brutality: HP,LK,LK,HK,BL,BL,LP,LP,HP,HP,BL.

    High Boomerang: B,F,HP.
    Medium Boomerang: B,F,LP.
    Low Boomerang: B,F,LK.
    Returning Low Boomerang: B,B,F,LP.(Will only return if misses your opponent)
    Projectile invincibility: B,F,HK.
    Glow Kick: D,F,LK.
    Fatality: (close) U,U,D,F,HP.
    Fatality: (close) R,R,R,R,BL,R.
    Animailty: (close) F,D,F,F,LK.
    Friendship: B,D,B,B,HK.
    Babality: D,D,F,D,HK.
    Stage: B,F,D,R.
    Brutality: HP,LK,HP,LP,HK,HK,LK,BL,BL,HP,HK.

    1 Missle: B,F,HP.
    2 Missles: F,F,B,B,HP.
    Gotcha Grab: F,F,LP. (Press LP repeadately to keep punching)
    Backbreaker: (in air) BL. (with opponent)
    Quad Slam: throw then tap HP repeadately.
    Ground Pound: Hold LK for three seconds then release.
    Dashing Punch: F,F,HK.
    Fatality: (close) Hold BL (U,D,F,U) (T2 Arm Slice)
    Fatality: (Far) R,BL,R,R,LK.
    Animality: (Close) Hold LP (F,F,D,F)
    Friendship: LK,R,R,LK.
    Babality: D,D,D,LK.
    Stage: D,F,D,LP.
    Brutality: HP,HP,HP,BL,LP,HP,HP,HP,HP,BL,LP,HP.

    Hurricane Spin: B,F,LK.
    Eye Spark: B,B,HP.
    Ground Saw: B,B,B,R.
    Fatality: (half screen) D,D,B,F,BL.
    Fatality: (close) R,BL,BL,BL,HK.
    Animality: (close) Hold HP (F,F,D,F)
    Friendship: (past sweep) R,LK,R,R,U.
    Babality: R,R,LK.
    Stage: BL,BL,HK.
    Brutality: HP,BL,LK,LK,LK,HK,LP,LP,HP,LP.

    Psycho Roll: F,D,F,LK.
    Knife Throw: D,B,HP.
    Knife Uppercut: D,F,HP.
    Cannon Ball: Hold LK for 3 seconds then release.
    Diagonal Cannon Ball: F,D,F,HK.
    Grab and Shake: D,F,LP.
    Throw in air: Block with opponent.
    Fatality: (close) Hold LP (F,D,D,F)
    Fatality: (sweep) LP,BL,BL,HK.
    Animality: (close) Hold HP (BL,BL,BL)
    Friendship: LK,R,R,HK.
    Babality: F,F,D,D,LK.
    Stage: U,U,B,LK.
    Brutality: HP,LP,BL,HP,BL,HK,LK,BL,HK,LK.

    Fan Lift: B,B,B,HP.
    Fan Throw: F,F,HP+LP.
    Square Wave Punch: D,B,HP.
    Fatality: (close) R,R,BL,BL,LK.
    Fatality: (close) B,D,F,F,HK.
    Animality: (between close and sweep) D,D,D,D,R.
    Friendship: D,B,F,F,LP.
    Babality: F,F,D,F,HK.
    Stage: F,D,D,LK.
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,HK,BL,LK,BL,LP,BL,HP,BL.

    Kung Lao
    Double Teleport: D,D,U (then hold or tap UP on the control pad)
    Hat Throw: B,F,LP.
    Teleport: D,U.
    Dive Kick: (in air) U,D,HK.
    Spin: F,D,F,R. Tap Run to keep spinning.
    Fatality: (anywhere): R+BL,R+BL,R+BL,D.
    Fatality: (inside sweep) F,F,B,D,HP.
    Frienship: (past sweep) R,LP,R,LK.
    Animality: (close) R,R,R,R,LK.
    Babality: D,F,F,HP.
    Stage: D,D,F,F,LK.
    Brutality: HP,LP,LK,HK,BL,HP,LP,LK,HK,BL,HP.

    Liu Kang
    Red Bicycle Kick: (Hold LK for 3-5 seconds) B,F (Release LK)
    High Fireball: F,F,HP.
    Low Fireball: F,F,LP.
    Bicycle Kick: Hold LK for 3-5 seconds then release.
    Fatality: (anywhere) F,F,D,D,LK.
    Fatality: (anywhere) U,D,U,U,BL+R.
    Animality: (sweep) D,D,U.
    Friendship: R,R,R,D+R.
    Babality: D,D,D,HK.
    Stage: R,BL,BL,LK.
    Brutality: HP,LP,HP,BL,LK,HK,HK,LK,HK,LP,HP.

    Sai Throw: Hold HP for 2 seconds then release.
    Teleport Kick: F,F,LK.
    Roll: B,B,D,HK.
    Fatality: (far) B,B,B,F,LK.
    Fatality: (close) D,F,D,F,LP.
    Friendship: D,D,B,F,HP.
    Babality: D,D,F,F,HP.
    Stage: D,D,D,LP.
    Brutality: HP,LP,LP,HP,BL,HK,LK,LK,HK,BL,HP.

    Red Shadow Shoulder: B,B,F,HK.
    Arrow: D,B,LP. (Can be done really fast after a combo)
    Hatchet Uppercut: D,F,HP.
    Shoulder Ram: F,F,LK.
    Projectile Reflector: B,B,B,HK.
    Fatality: (close) U,U,B,F,BL.
    Fatality: (far) B,B,D,HP.
    Animality: (close) F,F,D,D.
    Friendship: (anywhere uot side sweep) R,R,R,D.
    Babality: F,B,F,B,LP.
    Stage: R,R,BL.
    Brutality: HP,HP,HK,HK,BL,BL,LP,HP,HK.

    Acid Spit: F,F,HP.
    Slow Force Ball: B,B,HP+LP.
    Fast Force Ball: F,F,HP+HP.
    Slide: B+LP+LK+BL.
    Invisibility: U,D,HK.
    Run past and elbow: B,F,LK.
    Fatality: (jump distance) B,F,D,BL.
    Fatality: (two steps away) F,F,U,U,HK.
    Animality: (close) D,D,D,U,HK.
    Friendship: (close) D,F,F,B,HK.
    Babality: F,F,B,D,LK.
    Stage: BL,R,BL,BL.
    Brutality: HP,BL,HK,HK,BL,HP,LP,LK,LK,BL,LP,HP.

    Spear: B,B,LP.
    Forward Teleport: D,F,HP.
    Backwards Teleport: D,B,HP.
    Air Throw: Block while in air with opponent.
    Fatality: (jump distance) D,D,U,HK.
    Fatality: (sweep) F,F,F,B,LP. (Firehand)
    Animality: (close) F,U,U,HK.
    Friendship: (close) B,F,F,B,LK.
    Babablity: D,B,B,F,HP.
    Stage: F,U,U,LP.
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,HK,HK,LK,HK,HP,HP,LP,HP.

    Double Missle: B,B,F,LP.
    Uppercut Teleport: F,F,LK.
    Dumb Missile: F,F,LP.
    Smart Missile: F,D,B,HP.
    Fatality: (sweep) LP,R,R,BL.
    Fatality: (half screen) F,F,F,B,BL.
    Animality: (close) F,F,D,U.
    Friendship: (half screen) R,R,R,R,D.
    Babality: B,D,D,D,HK.
    Stage: R,R,R,D.
    Brutality: HP,HP,BL,BL,HK,HK,LK,LK,LP,LP,HP.

    Shang Tsung:
    1 Fireball: B,B,HP.
    2 Fireballs: B,B,F,HP.
    3 Fireballs: B,B,F,F,HP.
    Volcanic Eruption: F,B,B,LK.

    Shao Kahn: B,F,HK.
    MK2 Kung Lao: B,D,B,HK.
    Motaro: F,D,B,HP.
    Goro: B,B,B,LK.
    Baraka: D,D,LK.
    MK2 Jax: D,F,B,HK.
    MK2 Raiden: D,F,B,LK.
    MK1 Kano: 360 CCW
    Kintaro: Hold LP for about 5 seconds.
    MK1 Raiden: B,B,F,R.
    Johnny Cage: B,B,D,LP.
    Noob Saibot: F,D,D,B,HK.
    Robo Smoke: B,B,D,LK.
    Classic SubZero: BL,BL,R,R.
    Cyrax: BL,BL,BL.
    Ermac: D,D,U.
    Jade: F,F,D,D,BL.
    Jax: F,F,D,LP.
    Kabal: LP,BL,HK.
    Kano: B,F,Bl.
    Kitana: F,D,F,R.
    Kung Lao: R,R,BL,R.
    Liu Kang: F,D,B,U,F.
    Mileena: R,BL,HK.
    Nightwolf: U,U,U.
    Rain: R,BL,LK.
    Reptile: R,BL,BL,HK.
    Sektor: D,F,B,R.
    Scorpion: D,D,F,LP.
    Sheeva: Hold LK (F,D,F)
    Sindel: B,D,B,LK.
    Sonya: D+RLP+BL.
    Stryker: F,F,F,HK.
    Sub-Zero: F,D,F,HP.

    Fatality: (close) Hold LP (D,F,F,D)
    Fatality: (close) Hold LP (R,BL,R,BL)
    Animality: (sweep) Hold HP (R,R,R)
    Friendship: LK,R,R,D.
    Babality: R,R,R,LK.
    Stage: U,U,B,LP.
    Brutality: HP,BL,BL,BL,LK,HP,LP,LP,BL,HK,LK.

    Teleport Stomp: D,U.
    Fireball: D,F,HP.
    Fatality: (close) F,D,D,F,LP.
    Fatality: (close) Hold HK (F,B,F,F)
    Animality: (close) R,BL,BL,BL,BL.
    Friendship: F,F,D,F, pause, HP.
    Babality: D,D,D,B,HK.
    Stage: D,F,D,F,LP.
    Brutality: HP,LP,BL,LK,HK,BL,HK,LK,BL,LP,HP.

    Fireball: F,F,LP.
    Double Fireball: B,B,F,LP.
    Air Fireball: D,F,LK.
    Air Lift: B,B,F,HK. (press BL to land)
    Scream: F,F,F,HP.
    Fatality: (sweep) R,R,BL,R,BL.
    Fatality: (close) R,BL,BL,R+BL.
    Animality: (anywhere) F,F,U,HP.
    Friendship: R,R,R,R,R,U.
    Babality: R,R,R,U.
    Stage: D,D,D,LP.
    Brutality: HP,BL,LK,BL,LK,HK,BL,HK,LK,BL,LP.

    Harpoon: B,B,LP.
    Uppercut Teleport: F,F,LK.
    Invisibility: U,U,R. (Do again to reappear)
    Air Throw: BL. In air with opponent.
    Fatality: (Across screen) U,U,F,D.
    Fatality: (sweep) Hold R+BL. (D,D,F,U)
    Animality: (outside sweep) D,F,F,BL.
    Friendship: (across screen) R,R,R,HK.
    Babality: D,D,B,B,HK.
    Stage: F,F,D,LK.
    Brutality: HP,LK,LK,HK,BL,BL,LP,LP,HP,HP,BL,BL.

    Energy Rings: D,F,LP.
    Leg Grab: D+LP+BL.
    Square Wave Punch: F,B,HP.
    Bicycle kick: B,B,D,HK.
    Fatality: (more than half screen) Hold BL+R (U,U,B,D)
    Fatality: (anywhere) B,F,D,D,R.
    Animality: (close) Hold LP (B,F,D,F)
    Friendship: B,F,B,D,R.
    Babality: D,D,F,LK.
    Stage: F,F,D,HP.
    Brutality: HP,LK,BL,HP,LK,BL,HP,LP,BL,HK,LK.

    Double High Grenade: B,D,F,HP.
    Double Low Grenade: B,D,F,LP.
    Machine Gun: B,F,HP.
    High Grenade: D,B,HP.
    Low Grenade: D,B,LP.
    Baton Trip: F,B,LP.
    Baton Toss: F,F,HK.
    Fatality: (close) D,F,D,F,BL.
    Fatality: (full screen) F,F,F,LK.
    Animality: (sweep) R,R,R,BL.
    Friendship: LP,R,R,LP.
    Babality: D,F,F,B,HP.
    Stage: F,U,U,HK.
    Brutality: HP,LP,HK,LK,HP,LP,LK,HK,HP,LK,LK.

    Freeze: D,F,LP.
    Ice Shower: D,F,HP.
    Ice Shower (in front): D,F,B,HP.
    Ice Shower (behind): D,B,F,HP.
    Ice Clone: D,B,LP.
    Slide: B+BL+LP+LK.
    Fatality: (close) BL,BL,R,BL,R.
    Fatality: (sweep) B,B,D,B,R.
    Animality: (close) F,U,U.
    Friendship: LK,R,R,U.
    Babality: D,B,B,HK.
    Stage: B,D,F,F,HK.
    Brutality: HP,LK,HK,LP,HP,HK,HK,HP,HP,LP.

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