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text » Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance V Guide, walkthrough , cheat codes, hints and secrets.

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Character Select Screen Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Cover Box
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Xbox Cover Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Playstation Cover Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Game Cube Cover


Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft X-Box

Release Dates:

PlayStation 2, GameCube, X-Box:(Fatality Friday) November 22th, 2002.


Bosses:Shang Tsung & Quan Chi.


Each character can perform only 1 Fatality, there are no Stage Fatalities.

Random character select

Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi (for player two) at the character selection screen, then hold Up + Start.

Game Story
Mortal Kombat has always been, and always will be... For millennia, the forces of good and evil have been locked in eternal battle over the control of Earthrealm.Some seek to use the tournament to destroy all that is good. Others seek vengeance, power, or eternal life.Time after time each individual threat has been vanquished, and Earthrealm has enjoyed relative peace for many years. But there is concern that Earth is once again in peril. And this time, the threat of evil has two faces...
It is now known that the sorcerer Quan Chi has escaped from the Netherealm.Since his escape, Quan Chi has unlocked the secret of the ancient Rune Stone, discovered the ancient undefeatable army of the long forgotten Dragon King, ... and most disturbing of all, formed an alliance with one of our deadliest enemies...Shang Tsung.With their combined strength, they plotted to overpower the only two beings who could prevent their total domination of our two realms.The first was the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. In a false show of allegiance to Shao Kahn, they sprung their attack... They then travled to Earthrealm by way of a mystical portal known only to sorcerers and deities.There they confronted Earth's mightiest warrior and Champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang."It has been Shang Tsung's greatest desire to consume the soul of Earthrealm's greatest warrior."
With Quan Chi's assistance, he achieved this goal... Liu Kang is dead.They have since returned to Outworld and are using the souls of conquered warriors to resurrect the Dragon King's undefeatable army. Should they succeed, they will have the means to conquer Outworld...and eventually Earthrealm. They will be unstoppable.I can no longer stand idly by and watch this evil consume the world. I have relinquished my status of Elder God to return to Earth and lead you all to battle against our old adversaries. We must act now.
We must stop this Deadly Alliance!
(These are the words of Raiden)

Moves List

Shang Tsung Shangtsung
Special Moves
3D Fire (Far): B, F + 1
3D Fire (Close): F, B + 1
Straight Fire: D, B + 1
Soul Steal: D, B + 3

Soul Steal: U, D, U, D, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: ML 1170 Gold Koins


Special Moves
Puke Puddle: B, B + 2
Flip Flop: D, B + 1
Ground Stomp: F, B + 3
Belly Bash: F, F + 4

Belly Flop: B, B, B, D + 4
Alt Costume
Krypt: PH 1200 Onyx Koins

Special Moves
Skull Fireball: D, B + 1
Rising Star: B, D + 4

Neck Stretcher: B, B, F, B, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: AA 1556 Gold Koins


Special Moves
Flying Fists: F, F + 2
Kartwheel: D, B + 4
Klock Kick: F, D + 3
Sparkler: D, B + 1

Super Crush Kick: F, F, D, F, 4
Alt Costume
Krypt: KX 1406 Sapphire Koins


Special Moves
Spear: B, F + 1
Summon Hellfire: D, B + 2
Backflip Kick: F, B + 3

Spear Head: B, B, D, B + 4
Alt Costume
Krypt: UH 1660 Jade Koins


Special Moves
Kiss of Death: D, B + 1
Fly Kick: F, F + 3

Kiss of Death: B, F, F, D, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: SH 1834 Ruby Koins

Special Moves
Telekenetic Slam: B, D, B + 1
Telekenetic Toss: D, B + 4
Telekenetic Push: F, F + 2

Telekenetic Crush: F, B, F, D, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: YM 1435 Platinum Koins


Special Moves
Grappling Hook Strike: F, F + 3
Change Sides Hook: D, U + 2

Kick Thrust: B, B, U, U, 1
Alt Costume
Krypt: RD 1455 Jade Koins
Johnny CageJ.CAGE

Special Moves
Force Ball: D, B + 1
Shadow Kick: B, F + 4
Johnny Uppercut: B + SM

Brain Ripper: B, F, F, D, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: DK 1460 Ruby Koins


Special Moves
Freeze: D, F + 1
Ice Shacker: B, D + 2
Cold Shoulder: B, F + 4

Skeleton Rip: B, F, F, D, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: YA 1999 Sapphire Koins


Special Moves
Cannon Ball: B, F + 1
Eye Laser: F, F + 2

Open Heart Surgery: F, U, U, D, 1
Alt Costume
Krypt: BD 1520 Sapphire Koins


Special Moves
Hat Throw: B, F + 1
Whrilwind Kicks: D, B + 4

Splitting Headache: D, U, B, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: YJ 1208 Ruby Koins


Special Moves
Unicorn Kick: B, D + 4
Blood Spit: F, B + 2

Blood Thirst: U, U, F, 1
Alt Costume
Krypt: AR 2206 Jade Koins
Unlocked Nitara
Krypt: TI 4022 Gold Koins


Special Moves
Ball-O-Flies: B, F + 2
Propeller Clock: F, F + 2
Supper Uppercut: D, B + 1
Ground Smash: B, D + 4

Iron Bash: B, F, F, D, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: SW 1152 Jade Koins
Unlocked Drahmin
Krypt: UR 6500 Sapphire Koins


Special Moves
Cyrus Stomp: B, F + 3
Kahn Klap: B, D + 1

Laser Slicer: F, B, D, D, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: QX 1518 Jade Koins
Unlocked HsuHAO
Krypt: MW 3317 Jade Koins


Special Moves
Slide: D, F + 4
Ground Ice: D, B + 3

Freeze Shatter: F, B, U, D, 1
Alt Costume
Krypt: UB 1261 Gold Koins
Unlocked Frost
Krypt: IV 208 Ruby Koins


Special Moves
Ground Pound: F, F, D + 3
Machine Gun: B, F + 4
Piston Punch: D, F + 1

Head Stomp: D, F, F, D, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: ZM 1410 Ruby Koins
Unlocked  Jax
Krypt: SA 3780 Ruby Koins


Special Moves
Pretty Kick: U + 3
Fan Lift: B, F + 1

Kiss of Doom: D, U, F, F, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: BQ 1327 Gold Koins
Unlocked Kitana
Krypt: KI 2931 Sapphire Koins


Special Moves
Shocker: F, F + 1
Lighting Dash: F, F + 4
Lighting Bolt: D, B + 1

Electrocution: B, F, F, F, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: JR 1685 Ruby Koins
Unlocked Raiden
Krypt: XG 3116 Jade Koins


Special Moves
Lizard Ball: F, D + 4
Acid Spit: B, F + 1

Acidic Shower: U, U, U, F, 3
Alt Costume
Krypt: XO 1736 Sapphire Koins
Unlocked Reptile
Krypt: LL 3822 Gold Koins


Special Moves
Detnonator (Far): B, F + 1
Detnonator (Close): F, B + 1
Spinkicks: D, B + 3
Slice and Dice: B, F + 4

Claw Smasher: F, F, U, 2
Alt Costume
Krypt: ZW 1485 Sapphire Koins
Unlocked Cyrax
Krypt: CN 3003 Platinum Koins

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