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Mortal Kombat utilizes two different standard button-face layouts. The first is a standard controller layout with the attack buttons in the same positions on the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. The second button layout brings back the original arcade Mortal Kombat “X” style, with the Block button in the middle and the Tag button where the Run button was introduced in Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat 4. Each attack button for each character will be thoroughly detailed in each character’s specific strategy section.

The basic methods of attack will require you to utilize all of the following:

Toward (tap the control pad or joystick toward your opponent)
Away (tap the control pad or joystick away from your opponent)
Down (tap the control pad or joystick down)
Up (tap the control pad or joystick up)
For easy reference, all of the combos and moves with motions or taps will be referred to using this key:

Basic Attacks
Attack Name Xbox 360 PS3
Attack 1 (Front Punch) 3 p
Attack 2 (Back Punch) 4 i
Attack 3 (Front Kick) 1 u
Attack 4 (Back Kick) 2 o
Attack Name Xbox 360 PS3
Block 8 r
Throw 1 and 3
or +
p + o
or R
Flip Stance P or
1 + 2
u + o
or l

Grounded/Quick Recover Attacks

Pressing any attack button or any direction on the control pad or joystick when your character hits the ground leads to a Quick Recovery.Not pressing any attack button or any direction on the control pad or joystick when grounded or knocked down leads to a Normal Recovery. Holding the Block button leads to a Delayed Recovery.Performing certain special moves on the control pad or joystick when you are grounded will allow you to perform a Recovery Attack. Each one of these attacks is invincible for the first eight frames of animation, and your opponent will be hit by them if they are attacking you. Special moves that can be used as Recovery attacks are detailed in the “Character Strategies” section for each character.In many instances, Recovery can also be referred to as “Wake-Up.” So a Recovery Attack may, at times, be referred to as a Wake-Up Attack.

Super Meter

Located at the bottom of the screen under your characters, Super Meters are split into three sections and increase by doing the following: performing a special move,getting hit by any move (including regular moves), and having your opponent block your attacks (any moves). The Super Meter allows you to perform enhanced moves (1 bar), Breakers (2 bars), and X-Ray Attacks (3 bars).Managing your Super Meter involves a lot of understanding your opponent’s tendencies, knowing where you are health wise during the match, and understanding attack setups. Some players use their meter quickly while others save for Breakers (defense against players that combo often) and X-Ray Attacks (huge damage payoff). The ability to read your opponent is necessary in order to properly manage your Super Meter.

Enhanced Moves

In order to perform an enhanced move,press the Block button while performing any special move in the game.This allows you to do a more powerful version of special moves that require one bar of your Super Meter in order to use. Similar to EX Moves in the Street Fighter series, enhanced moves change the aspects of the special move (such as one projectile becoming two); in some cases, they change the way the move’s properties work (e.g., Jade’s Shadow Flash becomes invincible to all hits).

Pressing Attack 3 + Attack 4 + Block simultaneously or pressing LT + RT(Xbox 360) or L2 + R2 simultaneously (PS3) will allow you to perform an X-Ray Attack if three bars of your Super Meter are filled (to perform this on a joystick for any system, press Attack 3 + Block + Attack 4 simultaneously). X-Ray Attacks can be done in combos with some characters, and you can juggle your opponent after X-Ray Attacks with some characters.X-Ray Attacks are the most powerful attacks in the game and can significantly change the course of a fight. Each one has armor, and for the first two frames you are completely invulnerable to damage. The defensive shield for the armor the X-Ray Attack has is capable of withstanding up to three attempted hits by an opponent at once while the X-Ray Attack is performed. In essence, an X-Ray Attack will go through any of the first three attacks an opponent throws, but the person performing the X-Ray Attack can still take damage from these attacks. If you are down to no life and you attempt to perform an X-Ray Attack, the fi rst attempted attack by an opponent will knock you out, thus ending the round. That is the only time an X-Ray Attack will falter to an attack other than being hit by another X-Ray or blocking (depending on the character).

Each character has at least three Fatalities that you need to purchase in the Krypt. Alternatively, you can simply input its command during the Fatality prompt at the end of a match to unlock it and add it to your fighter’s movelist. Save yourself some koins and unlock them yourself!

Note: Stages marked with a red skull have Stage Fatalities. Also, some Babalities cannot be unlocked via the Fatality Tutorial Mode. You cannot perform or unlock a Babality if your character blocked during the last round.


Special Moves
Fatality 1 – B,F,D,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – F,F,D,D,3 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,D,3 (Varies)
Babality – F,B,F,4 (Jump)

Cyber Sub-Zero

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,B,D,F,2 (Jump)
Fatality 2 – D,D,B,D,1 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,D,U,Block (Varies)
Babality – D,B,F,Block (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,D,F,B,2 (Close)
Fatality 2 – B,D,B,F,1 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,U,Block (Varies)
Babality – D,F,B,2 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,U,D,D,Block (Jump)
Fatality 2 – F,B,F,D,4 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,U,D,D,3 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,B,D,2 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – U,U,D,F,1 (Full Screen)
Fatality 2 – B,D,B,D,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – B,F,D,Block (Varies)
Babality – D,D,F,D,4 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,F,B,2 (Close)
Fatality 2 – F,F,B,D,3 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,F,D,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,D,3 (Jump)

Johnny Cage

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,F,B,D,3 (Close)
Fatality 2 – D,F,D,F,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,B,F,Block (Varies)
Babality – F,B,F,4 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,B,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,D,B,F,Block (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,4 (Varies)
Babality – F,D,B,3 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,D,B,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,D,F,B,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – U,U,B,3 (Varies)
Babality – F,F,D,D,3 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,D,B,F,2 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – F,D,F,B,3 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – F,D,D,3 (Varies)
Babality – F,F,D,F,4 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,D,B,F,2 (Close)
Fatality 2 – D,B,D,F,1 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,3 (Varies)
Babality – D,F,B,2 (Jump)

Kung Lao

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,F,B,2 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,D,F,B,1 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,F,D,3 (Varies)
Babality – D,F,D,2 (Jump)

Liu Kang

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,B,D,D,3 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,D,F,D,4 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,F,B,3 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,D,4 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,B,F,2 (Jump)
Fatality 2 – B,F,B,D,3 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,F,B,2 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,F,D,B,4 (Jump)
Fatality 2 – D,D,F,B,1 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,Block (Varies)
Babality – F,B,F,B,1 (Jump)

Noob Saibot

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,B,D,4 (Jump)
Fatality 2 – D,D,B,D,Block (Jump)
Stage Fatality – F,D,F,Block (Varies)
Babality – F,U,F,1 (Jump)

Quan Chi

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,F,D,D,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,F,D,F,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – B,F,D,2 (Varies)
Babality – F,D,B,2 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,F,D,F,1 (Jump)
Fatality 2 – B,F,F,D,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,2 (Varies)
Babality – D,B,D,4 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,F,D,U,3 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,D,F,B,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 3 – B,B,F,D,Block (Jump) Requires DLC
Stage Fatality – F,D,D,Block (Varies)
Babality – B,F,B,D,3 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,D,F,2 (Close)
Fatality 2 – B,F,B,3 (Close)
Fatality 3 – D,U,U,2 (Jump) Requires DLC
Stage Fatality – F,U,U,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,B,F,D,2 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,D,B,F,3 (Fullscreen)
Fatality 2 – D,D,F,B,1 (Fullscreen)
Stage Fatality – D,F,D,Block (Varies)
Bability – B,D,D,D,4 (Jump)

Shang Tsung

Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,D,F,3 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,D,B,D,2 (Jump)
Stage Fatality – U,U,B,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,B,D,3 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,D,D,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – F,B,F,B,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,D,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,D,B,4 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,D,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – B,F,U,2 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – D,D,D,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,D,U (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,B,F,1 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – B,B,D,F,2 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – F,U,U,1 (Varies)
Babality – D,B,D,F,D (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – D,D,B,F,1 (Jump)
Fatality 2 – D,B,F,B,4 (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – B,F,D,2 (Varies)
Babality – D,D,F,3 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – F,D,F,3 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,F,D,F,Block (Sweep)
Stage Fatality – F,U,U,4 (Varies)
Babality – D,F,D,B,2 (Jump)


Special Moves

Fatality 1 – B,F,D,F,4 (Sweep)
Fatality 2 – D,B,D,F,2 (Sweep)
Fatality 3 – F,D,F,2 (Close) Required DLC
Stage Fatality – F,D,B,2 (Varies)
Babality – D,B,D,4 (Jump)

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