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Mortal Kombat 1 Guide, walkthrough , cheat codes, hints and secrets.


mk1_posters mk1_posters

Release date(s) October 8, 1992


Sega Genesis
Sega Game Gear
Sega Master System
HandHeld LCD
Tiger (MK Barcodzz)
PlayStation 2 (As part of Mortal Kombat: Deception: Premium Pack)
XBox (As part of Mortal Kombat: Deception Kollectors Edition)
Jakks TV Plug and Play
PSP (As part of Midway Arcade Treasures: Ultimate Classics)
PC (As part of Midway Arcade Tresures Deluxe Edition)

Playable Kombatants:
(Hidden Kombatants not included)
Arcade, Super Nintendo, PC, Sega Genesis, Sega CD: 7: See Select Screen.
Sega Master System, Game Gear: 6: Same as arcade minus Kano.
Game Boy: 6: Same as arcade minus Johnny Cage.

Hidden (Non-Playable) Kombatants:
All systems minus Game Boy: Reptile.

Hidden Playable Kombatants:
Game Boy: Goro.

Sub-Boss: Goro.
Boss: Shang Tsung.

All: Each kombatant has 1 Fatality.
Super Nintendo, Game Boy: On these platforms, each kombatant has an awesome censored Fatality.

Goro lives...
A 2,000 year old half human dragon Goro remains undefeated for the past 500 years. He won the title of grand champion by defeating Kung Lao, a shaolin fighting monk. It was during this period that the tournament fell into Shang Tsung's hands and was corrupted.


johnny cageJohnny Cage
Green Bolt: Back, Forward, Low Punch
Shadow Kick: Back, Forward, Low Kick
Ball Breaker: Block + Low Punch
Fatality (Close): Forward, Forward, Forward, High Punch

Spin Attack: Forward, Down, Back, Up
Knife Throw: Hold Block (Back, Forward)
Fatality (Close): Back, Down, Forward, Low Punch

liukangLiu Kang
Fireball: Forward, Forward, High Punch
Flying Kick: Forward, Forward, High Kick
Fatality (Anywhere): Hold Block (Forward, Down, Back, Up, Forward)

Teleport: Down, Up
Lightning: Down, Forward, Low Punch
Torpedo: Back, Back, Forward
Fatality (Close): Forward, Back, Back, Back, High Punch

Spear: Back, Back, Low Punch
Teleport Punch: Down, Back, High Punch
Fatality (Sweep Range): Hold Block (Up, Up)

sonya_bladeSonya Blade
Ring Toss: Back, Back, Low Punch
Leg Grab: Block + Low Punch + Low Kick
Flight Punch: Forward, Back, High Punch
Fatality (Anywhere): Forward, Forward, Back, Back, Block

Ice Freeze: Down, Forward, Low Punch
Slide: Hold Block (Low Punch + Low Kick)
Fatality (Close): Forward, Down, Forward, High Punch


Reptile: To fight against Reptile, you must follow his clues: Fight in The Pit, when shadows fly across the moon, fight without pressing Block and beating your opponent with Double Flawless Victory and a Fatality.
(Game Boy Only) Goro: After you beat the game, hold Diagonal Up-Left, Select, A on the game boy, until the end of the credits. After the credits finish, it should announce "Goro Lives" with this picture, then you start the ladder as goro, He has a stomp move which I think is just up and he jumps forward, and he has a punch and throw. No fatality

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