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Deadly Alliance review
Deadly Alliance review
Published by Jonnyrp
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Deadly Alliance review

MKDA : Mortal Kombat-Deadly alliance
A bloodfest. Itís like a fountain of blood!

Most of the times in music, movies or games, when a franchise is hugely popular, trying to reinvent it by polishing most of the aspect or starting to analyze any little bit of the work just strips the fun away. Well I present you Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. A remarkable effort and remarkable fighting game, none the less. A little, nope, big jewel in the arena of fighting games. I donít know if Iím ready to make a review about this particular game since I had so much great times playing it that I might forget a lot but here we go.
The story of Mortal Kombat-Deadly alliance is really simple once again. But i was sold after the first time i heard it.
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That being said, I donít know where I should start to discuss about the different aspects of the game but letís go with the look first. I give the look of MKDA a good 10/10 sincerely. The characters designs are almost flawless this time (Raiden doesnít look like a simple man wearing a bamboo hat and pajamas this time around. The ninjas have many differences in aspects of their costumes). There is only one Cyborg, Cyrax which is the only one I liked back in MK3. Reptile looks like a real reptile. First time I saw him in an arena I was like ďWo! Heís now a lizard wearing clothes and he fights like a frog.Ē Honestly, i could never be comfortable with the way he fights but the look slowly turned into something original in my eye. All with a lot of attention paid to the details this time. Making the characters really beautifully designed. Some of them just being over the top magnificent for the first time in this series but wait until I discuss them more deeply. The 3d graphics and effects for the fights are a really big step up compared to the poor fighting system and way too dark backgrounds we had back in Mortal Kombat 4 and all the PS1 and N64 games of the franchise. I mean, seriously. I think the MK4 generation almost killed the franchise. ( Except for some cool new characters, plots and fatalities of course.) Mortal Kombat Deadly alliance just revived it in a way that makes us forget almost all the previous mistakes.
The backgrounds in this one are so beautiful but so different than what we were used to see in MK that you might at first sight wonder if you are really playing a violent fighting game. Wait, I wonít forget the gore aspect of DA!!(LOL) But this time, there truly arenít many dark dungeons to fight in but more lightened up areas. Arenas involved things such as the outside of the Lin Kuei temple which is a really shinny and inspiring land of ice. The house of Pekara and a desert are part of the arenas where the weather often changes, going from really quiet to providing a much angrier mood by adding a sandstorm for example. If you are like me, you might find yourself taking some time off pretending you are studying your opponent, only to take a good look at the backgrounds. Awesome turn of events!
There were darker ones off course, adding much more fun to the contrast. Another really cool detail also involves the shadows. You can see a really clear shadow of your fighter moving with you on the ground during the whole fight. And in the darkest spots of each arena, your character will move right into the shadows, making him darker off course. The clarity comes back when he comes back in the light.
Another thing about the arenas: None of them features a death trap this time around, which I think is better since you canít throw your opponent or be thrown in spikes right in the beginning of the fight. Except for one arena in particular in which acid will be puked on the floor at some places, causing your life bar to slowly go down when you walk in. Slowly but not inevitable is the kind of interaction I like to see with a danger spot in fighting games. I thought death traps were so annoying in later games that I was always putting the option off. But, since Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance features only one fatality per character and no stage fatalities, I can understand that there are some complaints about that. Especially after you played the two sequels. Letís forget them for the time being causeÖ
Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance has hit some kind of perfection without the enhancing help of death traps or multiple fatalities!! I think there is a reason why it was not put in MKDA, maybe the lack of time? Well, the team blamed a lot of things on lack of time for that particular game. Which sucks (4 or 5 years passed between MK4 and this one). Too many time wasted on Mythology Sub Zero? I believe Deadly Alliance is supposed to remain seen as a pilot for the sequels. For instance: Itís been the first game in which we saw some stuff like a trench coat or even wings on a character. Things that they admitted they wanted to have before but werenít able to make in their palette 2d system. ďToo many things prevent us from being original.Ē When this is your excuse for having so many ninjas and so on, why would you bother coming back to the 2d after ten years of original 3d stuff? LAME. In my point of view. Some features were kept and others were thrown out the window when Deception came out but not always for the better sadly. Since a lot of features that werenít kept for the sequels are the best features and the ones that made this game both beautiful and gory to a much higher level than the follow up games. And for a game that suffered from a big lack of spare time, Deadly Alliance is surprisingly well made. And probably the most accomplished of the series. What were they trying to make us believe about lack of time?
To make a quick statement about the sound, this time the music is really slowed pace and moody, creating a contrast with the type of fighting we are offered but it works believe it or not. Not having these stressful and annoying sheer electronic bangs and cavernous horror movie soundtracks was really refreshing. The hits and weapons sounds are insanely realistic. You wonít be bothered with the extremely annoying guy who used to come on screen in the middle of the fight only to say the word Toasty. Finally! The voices also were demonstrating really cool talents. It is always the last thing that matter in a Mortal Kombat game I know but since the previous games were offering us a lot of ear tearing screaming, worse than what you would hear in a poorly translated Friday the 13th movie, the toned down screams for most characters in this one is welcome. The fighting dialogues are also alright. Sometimes funny as they always been in MK.
Talk about the characters for a while. Nope, Liu Kang and Shao Kahn arenít playable in this one. Theyíre dead. Or are they really? Nonetheless, the game features a lot of my favorite returning characters like Raiden, Scorpion, Kano and Quan Chi. Some earthrealm warriors are back too of course, Johnny Cage, Jax Briggs. Mortal Kombat was always known for putting a lot of new characters each time they would make a new game. There are many ninjas and cyborgs as a result of that but characters such as Nightwolf, Kabal, Sindel and Noob Saibot had once given the older characters a great challenge, almost stealing their crown. This time there are a lot of new characters and surprisingly, most if not all of them have a lot to offer. Or a little something at least. (They should return to MKDA and anchor that in their freaking minds). Always a lot of newcomers that sadly get pulled back to the secondary spots or are immediately forgotten in the sequel when talking about Mortal Kombat. I even think that most of those new faces were stealing the show and were the battle horse of this crazy violent game.
Frost: A young Lin Kuei warrior. She is a female version of Sub Zero but for our delight sheís much more stubborn and much more confident than her mentor. To say the least since sheís even a little overconfident. Making her some sort of a crazier Kamikaze from the start. Her costume should have been provided with much more details since you will see that they had the means in this one. But her iced hair constantly forming a breeze as sheís moving along was a really cool feature.
Mavado: The man is a mercenary, high ranked member of the Red Dragon clan. An enemy of Kano and Kabal that are part of The Black Dragon clan. He was the trench coat guy in the game and the first in the franchise to ever wear one. They wanted the feature for Kabal back in the 2d era but the coat got in the way of the moves too much or something annoying like that. Not only does he wear a trench coat, but when his got his back turn to the screen, you can easily recognize the Red Dragon Logo on the piece of clothing. Some characters had little details like that back in the 2d era but this is obviously the first time when you can enjoy them since they are really well designed and easy to catch on. Mavado also uses Kabalís hookswords, adding to the fun you might have using him. Sadly though, in this particular type of gameplay, the hookswords were kind of powered down if you will. But letís not forget how Kabal was portrayed as a far too powerful character back then. He was one of the only characters able to use a weapon. And this is a devastating weapon. Still is in the MKDA arsenal.
Hsu Hao: A second member of the Red Dragon clan. Subordinate to Mavado. He looks a little like a maniac cop, mixed with a village people member. He doesnít seem to have anything for himself hey? Wrong. Hsu Hao ends up being a remarkable foe. His wrestling moves, special moves and devastating weapons make him a character that I would easily dare to compare to Jax Briggs in terms of pure strength.
Lei Mei: An Asian female fighter. She doesnít have anything special for herself except her beauty and her fighting moves. That being said, that female Liu Kang is more interesting than the first look would suggest. She has really crazy combos involving special moves that remind me of Liu Kangís bicycle kick. Yet, she uses her fists. The crazy looks and violent moves are never given to human fighters in MK though. Except for Kung Lao but weíll talk about that later.
Bo Rai Cho: A drunken fist master which happens to be really funny and really strong at the time. Yep, this is hard to believe that he was once Liu Kangís trainer since heís a fat ass but heís got something up his sleeves. And Iím not talking about the fact that you can hear him fart in the middle of a fight or that one of his special moves makes him vomit on the floor. Causing the opponent to go unbalanced and almost slip when walking in.
Kenshi: A blind swordsman that uses telekinetic powers (Borrowed from Ermac?) Heís a new character and member of the special forces. Heís got really crazy combos once you know how to perform his special moves in the middle of them. As a matter of fact, I wouldnít fear putting him against any other character in the game. He might just be the best for juggling an opponent in the air for a while.
There are also two mutants having a similar status since theyíre both ONIS from the Netherealm. One of them, Moloch is really hard to defeat and almost puts Goro to shame in terms of boss fight. This particular character will never stand up to the four armed Shokan in terms of looks or popularity status despite the challenge though. Playability? Well, forget it for now.
Nitara: A female vampire which resulted as one of the scariest, if not the scariest and bloodiest character in the whole franchise in my opinion. Her throw obviously makes her bite you in order to regain some of her energy. Finally a chick evolving so much around blood that you can make her bleed like a ****ing pig and she can still regain strength and kick your ****ing ass! I hate being hard on her though. I guess only Baraka would have had a chance to top that in terms of bloodlust if he had been introduced. With one fatality she almost turned the tarkata classic chop move into a friendship and made him look like nothing more than a really ugly mutant with blades coming out his wrists. She fights under the sunlight of course. Not worth mentioning at all but the team felt the need to make up an excuse for why this happens! Geez!
Vampires have become very popular over the last decade but are not all cool vampires. This one is one that alignment is hard to pick imo, her DA ending clearly shows that she can be good and keep a promise. She looked a little innocent at first sight but wait, she's an MK vampire. So no Emo stuff this time around. Her fatality (A classic one) freaked me out a little the first time i saw it to be honest.
There is a lot to talk about in terms of blood when discussing MK but letís not go too fast with this one. The vampire was the first winged character for the franchise and the first character which powers evolve around blood so much. This is Mortal Kombat dudes. An interesting fact I read says that she was among the last characters to be completed for this game. (Could be mistaken). Unlike Onaga, she would use her wings. With one flap of them she could easily and quickly distance herself from an attacking opponent. Which gives you the chance to avoid a hit and respond as soon as you can. That effort of adding wings is even more remarkable. Nitaraís wings would always be unharmed even during fatalities though.
Not done yet. Nitara is one of the character that was given a lot of attention to the details in this one and when you start wearing her alternate costume, a much darker one, you are in for a treat! She doesnít wear much clothes but the addition of tattoos on her heels, arms and back are worth the mention. You can easily see the dragons and snakes. Her wings are also marked with two Japanese symbols and if I knew what it meant, I would translate it. Naming all that and Mavadoís trench coat, her wings were a really cool looking effort added to the game. Not talking about the red eyed smiley demons on her alternate costumeís boots. The demons teeth are also added at the very feet, making her move as she was sliding instead of walking. Is that it? Yeah, this is it for now.
Mokap: The name stands for Motion Kapture and heís not worth mentioning. Thatís why I will. Heís a ďJoke CharacterĒ. Nope, they never stopped calling characters intentional jokes when something bothers them. Heís supposed to be Johnny Cageís stunt double. But how the **** does a martial artist that helps a Thunder god save the world needs a stunt double? Jean Claude Van Damme can still perform his kicks by himself.
I guess that is pretty much it for the new comers.
It is a fact that you need some sex appeal to sell a fighting game. I donít have anything bad to say to the critics I read saying ďthat because of their costumes Lei Mei and Nitara were looking like drug addicted prostitutesĒ but I will give the two a better chance. I wish to mention those guys the fact that it never bothered anyone that a giant four armed potato that appeared in the very first game is still walking around in underwears.
Going to the modes that were featured in this game. Test your might and test your sight are back. But I guess test your sight is a new feature. Some characters will use their fists in test your might, but most of the chicks will use their legs. Causing them to scream and take a hold of their heels when they miss and get hurt. Poor baby!
Along with the arcade, versus and practice modes was introduced a Konquest mode. This one is simply a cool idea, letting you on a journey to learn each of the characters abilities once they were unlocked. Adding to the violence, some characters have a trial of blood challenge in their Konquest, which involves having to make your opponent shed an amount of blood pints in a limit of time. But guess who doesnít have one? You might learn your fav character at your pace with this feature.
There is a lot of stuff to unlock. To do so, you will have to earn koins by winning fights in arcade or in versus and Konquest modes. Unlocking everything this time is almost like a whole mode in itself. Creating two profiles and fighting in versus against a friend or against a non moving opponent is a good way to quickly earn a good collection of coins. Since with two profiles, you can bet the amount of koins that you have both earned on one fight. I recommend doing so if you want to complete unlocking the full roster quickly since the Krypt, which is where you can unlock the characters and other extras is really vast. Unless you use the net you wonít know what is hidden in each coffin. The only clue you have is that the characters are obviously hidden in the most expensive coffins. Same goes for their alternate costumes (Each character has two costumes for the first time instead of simply changing colors which is another plus in terms of effort). All in all, there are 676 coffins to look for, starting with coffin AA to coffin AZ and all the way down to the ZZ coffin. I unlocked them all back when I played the game for the first time and had no help from the internet, sometimes a friend to bet my coins against but the competition sadly gathered to play the game later. So itís needless to say that I played it like nuts for weeks and weeks before I was satisfied. Other extras in the Krypt include sketches and renders of characters and backgrounds before they were completed. Many characters ended up looking different from what they wanted them to look at first. Damn lack of time! Believe it or not, there is a sketch of a early Nitara and this is ridiculous how simplified she ended up! There are also some funny and good looking ads like a Reptile image to sell a skin lotion. Sonya shown as a lifeguard on a beach. Why do they ďhave to be blondeĒ? I personally would want to be saved by Nitara. Weird? She can fly god dammit!! Mavado, depicted on a card saying: Assassin for hire. And an energy drink called Blood, with the use of the female vampire of the game. It doesnít help grow wings but is much more effective to play a fighting game all night than being drunk with beer or vodka!! Trust me.
I already said that I played MKDA for a long time but the truth is Iím still playing it today. Played it sober, drunk, while asleep. (Iím joking. Or am i?) Iím almost as formidable as Bo Rai Cho once drunk, to say the least. (J/K) Between him and Nitara? My fuel is (Are) both booze and blood!
And along with the look, there is a gameplay. There is the sidestep to avoid spamming projectiles, spamming sweeps won't be so useful either. With MKDA though, someone who puts the effort into learning a character wonít be beaten down by a first time player spamming the kicks in the legs or the uppercut. Trust me. You can side step (If you want to avoid Scorpion spear instead of being down to use the jumps or ducking abusively) and with certain characters you can hit him right on the skull from a distance. Take that.
This time, each character has three unique fighting styles, two hand to hand and one weapon style. From the start, you can input crazy combos that will make you cycle through your three styles. You can also use each style as a singular style and find some interesting combos but it will result into less damage inflicted to your opponent of course. This is really comfortable and far from being as technical as a Tekken or Soulcalibur game but it requires some time. I would advice starting with Konquest mode. To learn your favorite characterís abilities and when that is done a little practice doesnít hurt anyone. Some characters also have a Power Up feature, allowing each of their attack to become more devastating but this only temporary. A little like Kabal in MK3, it causes some characters having the most powerful styles (For instance Kano or Nitara). The crazy air jugglers (Kenshi, Kung Lao) to be somewhat too powerful. But this for a couple seconds in a fight. That doesnít affect the surprising balance of that game as much as it seems after you recognize that other characters can be really annoying at times. Scorpion having the use of his spear after a big combo, his hell fire that will burn you from a distance. Sub Zero and Frost having free hits when an opponentís been frozen. Characters that have a reversal feature can catch your arm or leg when you start a combo and kill it all to do their own show. Shang Tsungís soul stealing and the others that can have a life refill and all the projectiles added in the game. It makes a really cool challenge overall.
There are also other features that provides the challenge:
Reversal, Power up, Impale. To name those three from the get go but you will be provided with the explanation as I go on.
I think having features like these, along with the possibility for some characters to regain some of their health finally made the game more balance than they ever were. Iím not too sure, but if Bo Rai Cho doesnít have at least one, thatís his problem. He has a free combo once his vomit move connects at least. Back in the 2d era, when you could only block or try to duck to avoid projectiles (Jumping was not guaranteed you would avoid Sub Zeroís freezing move). It was up to many to learn to play with Scorpion and Sub Zero or give it up. Since a projectile is a projectile, but being provided with a free combo when ice hits? If my favorite character canít do anything about it, forget it. You could beat a good Scorpion or Sub Zero player back in MK1 of course. But once their projectiles connected? You almost immediately lost hope. This time around, I have means and know how to deal with Scorpion and Sub Zero. Muuuuaaaah!! You will understand.
Letís come back to DA. The few flaws of the game also reside in the gameplay for the most of them. There are a lot of annoying glitches like an opponent magically disappearing in the ground after heís been taken down. Causing a player to end a combo with a hit that finally might not score at all. In the middle of a supposed guaranteed combo, it also happens that a punch or kick misses the target with no technical reason but often you can keep up with your combo and the foe wonít have the time to realize that he can try blocking (Unless you play arcade on max difficulty). It wonít block as easily as it should every time though, which is another flaw. The timing for some juggling combos is really hard to get too. Sometimes it might be annoying when you think you will end up with a combo causing a ridiculous amount of damage, but the one hit that misses will leave you flat out with a really average combo. This is about it for the little flaws in this MK. Fortunately enough, there are a lot of possibilities and nothing of that managed to take out any of the fun even after all these years of playing it. The juggling against a walled opponent makes it so crazy that the fun of kicking asses over and over doesnít even fade away. You can even make your opponent bounce against a wall for extra damage. An opponent when heís aware will side step after a first bounce but on practice mode, the damage you can inflict, mostly with a powered up character is terrific. Creepy!
Something that might be a pain in the ass about the practice mode is the missing feature of being able to make your opponent a moving target. He canít even attack you.
The a.i will offer you a pretty decent challenge. At least most of the time. Even though some characters seem to have a pattern when you face the a.i. You may avoid the last hit of a combo, a projectile for instance, the a.i will keep using it. This is not much different from another fighting game, meaning that a character might be a pain in the ass once and the next time will be a relatively easy foe. Some of the tuffest will remain true to themselves when playing on the max difficulty level, which is great. But the addition of a feature called the reversal (Blocking the first hit of a combo and using it to your advantage) can cause you to end up with the edge (If your character uses it) or on the other end it might be really painful when used by the a.i. Trust me. I hate to face Raiden since I play with the vampire most of the time and even with a power up feature, I can have a hard time.
With moves like reversal, backdash, blocking and Nitaraís flap of her wings to defend yourself and quickly counter attack, this is sad that the practice mode wonít provide you with the moving target since you will have to learn how to use all these means during fights against different opponents each time. Do not grieve, this is possible to learn how to use them decently. But if you want to keep bullying, somewhere something must give.
Talking about Thunder God, I wish to mention that some classic characters moves arenít back this time around. Raiden wonít teleport in your back. Whaaat?! Nope. There isnít one bloody teleport move this time if Iím correct. He also doesnít have the flying Thunder god move. But heís got a couple dangerous moves. He might run at you like a bull after a combo and push you just as you get up. Making you move back so hard since Raiden is as big as Jax this time, if not bigger. Heís a beast and thatís about time.
Cyrax doesnít have his net, Sonya wonít stand on her hands and grab you with her legs. Sad. But unlike other hot chicks sheís wearing military pants so. Johnny Cage will use his punch in the growing only during his fatality. Pussy! Some little things there but nothing so dramatic.
In all, Mortal Kombat shows once again that this gameís warriors are boosted and ridiculously nuts in terms of Martial arts and whatever fighting. The bull fighting is back. This time to a point that would put Mike Tyson or even the whole UFC roster to shame. Need more proof?
This last call is for the BLOOD, GUTS AND GORE. Becuz even among all that beauty, Mortal Kombat deadly alliance remains one of the bloodiest games of the franchise. A real grizzly fighting game and that is for the better. You will recognize the fact that the blood will spread like fountains this time and even remain on the floor for the whole fight. Your characters will produce bloodstains on the arena floor only by walking as the fight will go on. With a simple punch or kick, a good amount of blood can be shed so now imagine the weapons damage. Some characters also have the ability to impale their foe. By doing so they lose their weapon for the whole round but it will have the opponent bleeding like a pig and his/her life bar will keep going down until heís got no more. When the second round starts, you can impale once again and watch the poor guyís blood paint the floor red. HELLYEAH! The a.i seems to prefer keeping their weapons and they wonít use that. But against an opponent who will I donít need to tell you that you have to work your ass off to win before you bleed to death once you have a sword across your chest. Isnít fighting when impaled enuff?
Not convinced? The vampire Nitara has a classic fatality where she jumps on the opponent to chew on his neck but wait. The blood spread out like a real fountain and goes down her chin and her chest like a sift. Beautiful! She then spits pieces of flesh on the floor. She pushes the enemy back to the ground and heís left in a pool of his own blood literally. After seeing the ridiculous amount of bloodshed in that particular fatality for the first time, one has no choice but to wonder if she drank any of the blood. Screw Nosferatu, Dracula, Brad Pitt, The darkstalkers and even Wesley Snipes. Mortal Kombat is a mature audience fighting game god dammit. Some other characters have gruesome fatalities too. Raidenís fatality where he drives his fists through your body and then lifts you up over his head to start the electrocution is back. He keeps it up even though your character is screaming in pain and until heís got you fried and charcoaled real good. Only then the body explodes in the end. You now know what Thunder godís fatality involves.
Other than wasting a terrific amount of blood almost each time you get hit. And other than the vampire chickís gruesome fatality and the impale feature. Some other fatalities will involve dismembering your opponent by squashing him/her with the fat Bo Rai Cho, Scorpion will use his spear to pull your head off. Kano will tear organs from you. Reptileís classic fatality where he spits acid on the opponentís face before eating his/her head is back. A really decent amount of blood his shed in this one as well when your head comes off your shoulders. Cyrax will have some sort of grips that come out of his chest, picks up your body and smashes it to the floor before driving you back in his chest. Needless to say that what comes back out of him is only some blood and pieces of meat. Kitanaís fatality involves her deadly kiss that will end up inflating the opponent until he explodes. (Performed on the hot chicks, this one is a guaranteed smile. Poor ladies though.) Sadly, Quan Chiís MK4 fatality is gone. He has a really joky and boring fatality this time. And of course, with a roster of about 23 characters, this is just a part of what is Mortal Kombat-Deadly Alliance.
The in fight bloodfest can lead to a lot of fun times too. The vampire chick also has a special move that involves spitting a huge ball of blood to the face of her foe (Causing Nitara to be the only character in the franchise to be able to produce the substance even when the blood option is put on off). Her throw also causes her to regain some of her life bar soÖ Playing with a friend, you might use both the same character and spam her blood spit move at each other even if you are forced to put the blood option on off kiddo. Performing Nitaraís throw until your life bar is full again can have you spam the blood spit for an almost endless bloodfest. I found that all out when I was bored outta my skull. Not enough? (Put the blood option at the max level) Use a character that can impale his opponent and impale Nitara. If you donít have a friend willing to experiment with you change controllers and while sheís bleeding out like a pig, start spamming Nitaraís ball of blood at your opponentís face. Make a three rounds fight and let one win two rounds to start with. Give the two other rounds to the other character and for the final round, if you havenít found a character with a higher amount of bloodshed in his fatality than Nitara, make her win the fight and perform her fatality. I doubt there is a character with a higher amount of blood in his fatality since not all of them involved blood but I could be mistaken. You can also impale her and have her spam her ball of blood and her throw until sheís unable to regain enough life to sustain the sword in her chest and loses the round. But that might take some time.
Bored? Me too. You can also use two characters that have the impale feature and regaining life ability, Shang Tsung and Kung Lao. But I guess Kung Lao has to breathe before he can repeat the taunt that will give some of his life back. You might be better with the vampire after all.
The game not only being violent but vulgar, some characters even have the ability to vomit or make the opponent vomit during the fight. This is disgusting. But the guy who will have to clean up the floor in Shang Tsung's palace, who cares about him?
Still you can find funny spoofs (Kitanaís fatality). And I discussed the characters earlier but. Take two Bo Rai Cho and spam the vomiting at each other. You can even wait until one farts to vomit. Take Reptile versus Nitara and make it a spittle contest. Or you can play spit in Bo Rai Choís face and make him vomit right after. Driving the opponent right into the vomit spot adds to the fun of course.
It seems with all that blood, guts and vomiting the MK creators werenít going to mature at all. It is in part wrong. They grew up a little at least weíll give them that much. After all, whoís never fought a vampire or a giant lizard when drunk and then started vomiting at his feet?
MK was never meant to be technical i know. But i loved the overall challenge for this one and having to learn more than one style per character and mix them up. I know that MK is about running to your opponent and just beat the hell out of him but i welcome the little technical part of DA. The first who hits will still have the edge for a combo after all. But back in the old days, when you would get hit by Scorpion or Sub Zero's projectiles you were forced to watch yourself be kicked really hard if the player was good. The speed of combos was also ridiculous. But i agree with ppl saying that Kano would slit in two Daniel's trainer in the Karate kid's movies. Since what matters is the result of the fight. Not looking more technical than your opponent.
But with that particular game, Mk reinvented itself and gone were the times where we would have to admit that this franchise was losing all of the fun and the blood and guts. And along with some more technical gameplay and beautiful characters and environments, dead were tongues saying that Mortal Kombat could not stand against a beautifully designed fighting game. Dead were the messages saying that the franchise had lost its way. Not even trying to remain the crazy violent grizzly fighting game that it was once trying to be. Deadly Alliance had reclaimed that title and in the basket were thrown all the stupid joke fatalities but they kept some humor and some funny stuff. Even though this is one of the only popular fighting franchise to have that much blood and gore, this particular installment would be hard to beat in terms of violence. Still is today. And despite that, the whole game remained a really modest, down to earth effort with some realism added to the fantasy look. Not spitting too high from the get go, but matching every expectations and doing much more.
Sadly, as Iím finishing that review (Iíll remain really proud that I wrote it) the games MK vs DC universe is already in stores and nothing that made MKDA, MKD and MKA the fun games they were was kept. This is really sad to see that the evolution of that franchise seems to head towards more easy money instead of more blood and guts or more beauty and refreshing new stuff. But the brutality and shock seem to have died. It is hard to shock nowadays, but by trying so damn hard, I personally think the MK crew isnít scoring at all. They also seem to have forgotten about some characters that were created like they often do. Even when they have potential enough to raise the bar in terms of graphic violence. Creating a character or a plot/story and making it disappear for the next ten years instead of trying to develop it. Leaving it all unfinished from the get go. Becuz it would require some effort brainwise to do the opposite I believe. I despise the fact that it still happens since MK2. And it is gonna happen for the next two or three games? New characters are cool, some endings for their arcade mode and their bios were alright in DA. But itís all forgotten in todayís games. Just like the bull or grizzly fighting game. Fatalities remain at least. And this is all that remain.
All in all, I would be honored for once to rate a Mortal Kombat game and rate Deadly Alliance a 10/10. The little imperfections didnít even start to make me dislike anything about the overall game and that is so rare in terms of fighting games. I also know where I recognize the effort that was put into making a totally new game. Newly redesigned, but staying true to what Mortal Kombat was at the same time, and standing at the top of the ladder in terms of gruesome stuff was a hard task to achieve but they did with MKDA.
I still respect the fighting game in MK but I guess with people attracted to this series looks in terms of characters or gruesome stuff, it was never meant to be technical from the get go. It may be just what bit some players so hard at the neck having the reversal, impale features and stuff like sidestepping, power up, backdash and Nitaraís flap of her wings that were so much stuff to defend against or help you defend yourself with that being used to block, jump and duck everytime some players did not want another taste. Sad. Since I welcomed everything about that with open arms. It made the game stand out in front of its previous installments and sometimes you need it to stand up in the world of fighting games. So, with all that and the three fighting styles to learn for each character, saying Mortal Kombat has never been technical one bit is a lie.
Playing an older MK game and then switching to MKDA gives the same feeling Iíve had watching an horror movie: Jason X. To see this hockey masked zombie for the first hour and then see him return with his new look in the endÖ He had become a Super Hyper Ubber Jason Voorhees. Watch a Michael Bay movie but turn the sound down when the dialogues arrive. MKDA is the same feeling. It was so refreshing to see such a turn of events, without losing any of the important stuff.
Could have titled this review, ďThere is a first time for everythingĒ. MK became a technical game? Nah, not so much. It remains about the blood and guts and the look. But all the little technicality added surprisingly worked and that made the game and franchise even more intense and even recognizable compared to its competitors. If only for this one game. It didnít took any of the fun away and for the first time, along with Soulcalibur and an underestimated 1997 Midway release called Mace the Dark Age, Deadly Alliance brought MK into the bunch of fighting games that stood for more than one evening of playability. FATALITY!!

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By MKRayden on 10-17-2011, 09:59 AM
too much reading by the way you should use mkda5 cover image.
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By Jonnyrp on 10-17-2011, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by MKRayden View Post
too much reading by the way you should use mkda5 cover image.
Yeah i know about the length. Some is really old stuff and other stuff is some editing for the times i couldn't write anything better. I rarely edit my stuff by shortening though.
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