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Mortal Kombat 11 PlayStation & Xbox Patch Notes 7/8/2019
Mortal Kombat 11 PlayStation & Xbox Patch Notes 7/8/2019
Published by MKRayden
Post Mortal Kombat 11 PlayStation & Xbox Patch Notes 7/8/2019

Patch notes for the new update to Mortal Kombat 11 are live, along with the patch which you can download now. Check it all out, it's a lot to take in.

General Gameplay Adjustments • Move list corrections

• Improvements to AI logic

• Added Color Blindness mode (Protanope, Deuteranope, & Tritanope) to Video Options

• Added HDR TV Quality settings (Standard, High End, Professional) to Video Options

• Added Variation info to the Pause Menu in Practice Mode

• Added a 4 Star Ranking and replaced Damage Ratio with additional matchup information to the Kombat Breakdown after an Online Match or Kombat Kard Kareer Stats

• Updated the visuals for the Real Time Frame Data Display in Practice Mode & Kombat Kard Match Replays

• Added an additional Brutality victory pose for every character

• Improved performance on many brutalities that were causing slowdown to occur

• Fixes to visual issues with many brutalities

• Added several new Brutalities for players to discover

• Added “Dimitri Vegas as Sub-Zero” Skins and Mask to Sub-Zero Kustomizations available free to everyone

• Front Punch + Front Kick button macro is now working correctly for all Krushing Blows in Practice Mode when the Easy Krushing Blows option is enabled

• When a move that would have triggered a Krushing Blow trades with an invulnerable move on the same frame it will no longer result in neither move colliding

• Fixed a rare visual issue with hitsparks during "Finish Him" dizzy state after winning the round with Fatal Blow

• Mercy can now be performed using Front Kick + Back Kick button macro input if Button Shortcuts is enabled

• Fixed a rare issue where a player could cause a high projectile to visually appear to pass through their character after a knockdown if they pressed and released the down direction at a precise timing and made no further inputs

• Adjustment to victim regions after a character has missed a throw attempt

• Adjustment to victim regions during many hit reactions

• Adjustment to crouching victim regions for all characters except Baraka, Kabal, Kollector, Kotal Kahn, Liu Kang

• Fixed an issues that could cause Up + Back Punch Wakeup Attacks & Flawless Block Attacks to sometimes not be invulnerable to a jumping attack that collides just before landing

Kombat League / Online

• Minor online stability improvements

• Fixed several rare online desync causes

• Improved server Match Results arbitration when disconnects have happened in Ranked and Kombat League matches

• Kombat League Point Decay now takes 72+ hours to trigger (up from 48+ hours)

• Added a pop up message after Point Decay happens to the Online menu

• Quitting from the rematch screen in online matches now requires a confirmation

• Shang Tsung’s health will no longer sometimes be adjusted when morphing back after a Soul Steal in a Survivor KOTH match


• Added more detailed “where to get” information to many items

Towers of Time

• Johnny Cage Announcer added as a reward for getting into the top 10% of any week of Race Against Time

• Added a new reward type (Bonus Character Reward) for Tower completion that awards a random skin, piece of gear, or augment for the character you use to defeat it

• The cooldown on some modifiers will now start when it goes away instead of when triggered

Stage Specific Adjustments

• Shaolin Trap Dungeon - Statue Slam is now +9 on hit (down from +38)

Character Specific Adjustments Baraka

• Baraka - Low Stab (Down + Front Punch) recovery increased by 1 frame

• Baraka - Baraka-Serker’s Amplified Krushing Blow Held Check input is now the correct button

Cassie Cage

• Cassie Cage - Now has 950 health (down from 1000)

• Cassie Cage - Air Fatal Blow can now be performed with Block + Front Kick + Back Kick button macro while Button Shortcuts Controller Option is enabled

• Cassie Cage - Ball Buster has an increased victim region during its active frames

• Cassie Cage - Up Glow Kick has 5 less frames of blockstun and can no longer be amplified after being Flawless Blocked

• Cassie Cage - Up Glow Kick Amplified when Flawless Blocked has 10 less frames of block Advantage and less pushback

• Cassie Cage - Flick Kick (Towards + Back Kick) recovery increased by 3 frames

• Cassie Cage - Fixed visual effect issue when Amplified BLB-118 Energy Burst is interrupted

• Cassie Cage - Fixed a rare visual effect issue when Dual Wielding is interrupted while it is charged with green energy at specific timing

• Cassie Cage - Fixed a rare visual issue with BLB-118 Drone when starting a fatality


• Cetrion - Blaze (Back Punch, Front Punch) had its hit region adjusted

• Cetrion - Rising Volcano (Away + Back Kick) recovery decreased by 3 frames

• Cetrion - Added ability "Conflux of Elements". This ability will cause a random elemental circle to be summoned when it is activated

• Cetrion - Earthquake 2nd attack can now be cancelled by holding up

• Cetrion - Shattering Boulder now has a Krushing Blow

• Cetrion - Geyser damage has been slightly lowered and now damage occurs timed correctly with the animation's impacts

• Cetrion - Bouncing Boulder now recovers 5 frames faster, has 5 frames less blockstun when normally blocked, and 10 frames less blockstun when Flawless Blocked with significantly reduced pushback

• Cetrion - Far H2 P0rt & (Air) Far H2 P0rt now has 48 recovery frames (up from 37)


• D'Vorah - Forward Throw now has a Krushing Blow that triggers when the opponent is infected by Fireflies

• D'Vorah - When an opponent throw escapes D'Vorah, any Fireflies attached to the opponent will return to D'Vorah

• D'Vorah - Swarm blockstun increased by 10 frames and has significantly increased pushback

• D'Vorah - Widow's Kiss can now be slightly delayed, had its amplify input window adjusted, damage increased by 50, and its startup is now 28 frames (was 34),

• D'Vorah - Fixed issue with Infested Krushing Blow damage over time potentially lingering into next round if the first hit is the killing blow

• D'Vorah - Infested Krushing blow now uses the correct combo damage scaling

• D'Vorah - Adjusted hit region of Yellow Jacket (Front Punch, Back Punch)

• D'Vorah - Black Widow (Front Punch, Back Punch, Front Punch) has 3 less hit, block, & miss recovery frames

• D'Vorah - Bug Bash (Towards + Front Punch) now has 12 startup frames (down from 15)

• D'Vorah - Assa