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Exclusive Interview: Shawn Kittleson on Bringing Mortal Kombat Back To Comics
Exclusive Interview: Shawn Kittleson on Bringing Mortal Kombat Back To Comics
Published by MKRayden
Post Exclusive Interview: Shawn Kittleson on Bringing Mortal Kombat Back To Comics

CraveOnline: Explain your new comic series from DC digital.

Shawn Kittleson: Itís the companion to Mortal Kombat X. Itís designed for newbs, and for fans like me who have been with the game for twenty years.

In what way?

Mortal Kombat that came out in 2011 had an epic story, and Mortal Kombat X takes place twenty-five years later. This book is what happens in the interim. Thereís a lot of action, but also room for all these adventures to take the characters to the different places that get them to where they are for the new game.

If you read the book, will the gameís story be deeper?

Itíll be a lot deeper. Youíll be able to understand the game independently and the book independently, but when you put them together youíre going to get this really rich take on the MK mythology.

How does the book coming from DC Digital effect the story?

We have an opportunity, because we have more page count, to go a little bit deeper than any other medium. This is not just for the fans, but also for people who want to see a hardcore fighting book with over the top violence, and also really human stories about these larger than life characters.

Are you a Mortal Kombat fan?

Iíve been a Mortal Kombat fan from day one. I found it in an arcade in a Pizza Hutt in upstate New York. I had parents who were afraid of letting my play it, but who ultimately yielded through my own trickery and deceit. Jump ahead and itís very satisfying to show them I didnít become a degenerate, I got a job with it. (Laughs)

Have you ever worked in the video game world?

I worked at DC in video games and production, and got a chance to study with some really gifted storytellers, the gang at NetherRealm among them. We worked on Injustice together, which was fantastic.

How did you jump from that to this book?

This was a thing where they didnít even know I was writing, but my name ended up on a list and I fought hard because I really believed in the opportunity to tell creative stories.

How does a monthly book differ from video game production?

Working on the games was always me being a support system for the developers. The approach we always took with it was that we were not brand police; weíre not here to force you to tell a certain story. These iconic characters, like the MK characters or DCís characters, they are bigger than any individual story. It was always about creating a way for the developers to tell the stories they wanted to. I believe thatís why DC has the best superhero games out there. You look at Injustice, you look at the Arkham series, Iím incredibly proud of being part of that process and being able to support the people who made those games.

So who will be duking it out in the Mortal Kombat comic?

Without giving away too much, Iíve got a list of about forty characters that Iím using in Year One. The new characters that are in the game are really exciting for us to work with because their stories are largely untold, and we get to involve ourselves in aspects only hinted at in the new game. For the older characters itís exciting because everybody loves them and we get to show them in a different light. They take on different roles and challenges, and we can change peopleís expectations. Nothing is off the table, weíre taking advantage of the freedom weíve been given, and if you are a super fan, youíre going to see characters that I donít think casual fans will realize are from the games. Weíre drawing deep.

Who is your artist?

Dexter Soy, a fantastic artist who was involved with the DC Injustice digital book, and a guy who has been coming up through the ranks. I think fans will be surprised not only on Dexterís take, but also the brilliant fight detail. He draws figures so well, and when I put buckets of gore in a page, he goes for it. He doesnít hold back from making it as crazy and over the top as possible. Youíll see fatalities, youíll see kill moves, everything that makes MK great we want to put into this book.

Mortal Kombat is a violent property. Has DC been nervous about that?

DC has been really incredible with allowing me to push the line, and so far I havenít pushed it too far. Iíve done things were Iím sure Iíll get a note about it, like when somebodyís head splits in half. No one has said stop, they say keep going and go as far as you can and lets make this something special.

As a fanboy was it hard not to focus on your favorite characters?

No. I love all the old characters but I had my fanboy moment when I got the character bible and saw the final roster and the stories they came with. I fell in love with all the new characters, and the book is as much about them as it is the fan favorites. The way we introduce the new characters and the way they interact with the established characters, makes the whole story richer. I wanted to fit everyone in and I had to make a decision to pace it out a bit. I wanted to really show all of these fighters and how they come together to save their realms from a major threat.