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MKX info from EGX London
MKX info from EGX London
Published by MKRayden
Post MKX info from EGX London

All information is correct as of EGX 2014. Mortal Kombat X features and information may be subject to change as development continues.


Her face definitely looks more feminine than it did at Gamescom, especially close up. Her eyes now have a little more makeup to them on the upper eyelids and her eyebrows are no longer so comically arched along with some softening to the planes of her face. A marked improvement, but her neck is still giraffe-like in this build.
We mentioned her face, hair and neck issues to Derek and he clarified that the team are aware and she is still being polished aesthetically as well as with her animations.
Universal Moves across all variations: Getaway Flip, Akimbo Shot and Glo-Kick.
Her EX Nut Kracker move (Hollywood variation) delivers two punches in a row and delivers a very generous stun time to the opponent. She drops to her knees and punches with both fists together.
You can instant-air her Air Akimbo special and they have excellent recovery frames.
Cassie's taunt (The American Way - Spec Ops variation) does not currently do anything at all at present. NRS have not yet determined its purpose.
If you tie in her Air Assault special after her Air Akimbo you can deal crazy air pressure to the opponent and essentially cage them in following on to the ground.
The Hollywood variation is definitely her strongest from what we dabbled with. We managed to string together some fantastic combos with her incorporating her Nut Kracker, combo string, Getaway Flip, a run, 2nd combo string, Air Akimbo, jump in punch, 3rd combo string and finishing with an EX Glo-Kick. Probably one of the easiest variations out of all characters at this point to pick up and be competent with.
Cassie will say “Suck on that!” after certain combos/moves.
As player 2, Cassie's costume is a yellowish-green colour.


In the Lackey variation, Torr has a 'Torr Charge' special that looks and acts just like Bane's charge in Injustice. EX version adds armour and allows you to hold Torr in a stance until you're ready to unleash him.
Also in the Lackey variation is the 'Boulder Roll' and the 'Rising Torr' which are both incredibly fast.
We tried to unmask Torr with Scorpions Fatality but as the face begins to slide off, the cloth remains stuck to his face. It seems deliberate that they are obscuring his face. Are they keeping his identity under wraps or is he merely a nameless brute?
We performed Raiden's Fatality on Torr and both of his eyes popped out. His covered eye bursts through the cloth.


Universal Moves: Bug Blast, Ovipositor Rush, Spawn Puddle.
D'Vorah is Derek Kirtzic's firm favourite in this build and one of his favourite characters overall.
You can do a standing reset in her Venomous variation if you time her Acid Spray special right and you can get a 50/50 mix-up off of that too.
As player 2, D'Vorah's costume is purple.


Kotal Kahn's body markings will begin to brighten as you power him up using chain-combos after performing his Blood Offering special move.
NetherRealm Studios will be explaining his various Totems in Blood God along with his other variations in the coming weeks.
EX Sun Ray deals a little more damage to the opponent within its reach and heals Kotal Kahn marginally faster.


In his ‘Master Of Storms’ variation, you can place static lightning traps above, in front and below where Raiden is standing.
In his ‘Master Of Storms’ variation, the static lightning traps will disappear after a set time if not connected.
It is possible to connect two lightning traps at full screen in the air if you're quick to navigate from one end of the stage to the other before they disappear.
The opponent can jump/walk through an unconnected lightning trap and not receive any damage.
You can connect lightning traps by performing an electrical special move at or towards them. His Lightning Blast and Lightning Projectile will enable the traps.
He does different poses during his mid-match victory pose depending on which variation you are playing. ‘Thunder God’ Raiden will discharge electricity all around him and ‘Master Of Storms’ Raiden will raise his arm and strike lightning into the air.
As player 2, Raiden's costume is red.


His standard Eye Laser special in ‘Cybernetic’ only has sweep range unless you use the EX version.
Some of Kano's combo strings in his Cutthroat variation can be meter-burned to extend them further.
Kano will yell “I’ll slit your throat” after certain combos/moves.
He also says ‘Gotta stay sharp, ha ha’ in his mid-match victory pose.


Currently you cannot create an Ice Clone in the air in his ‘Grandmaster’ variation. This may be because NRS have not yet finished an animation for him to grab and throw one from the air? Fingers crossed.
In his mid-match victory pose, Sub-Zero will say “I will freeze your spine!”


Scorpion’s face (Seen by performing his fatality in a mirror match) strongly resemble Ian Anthony Dale, the actor who portrayed the character in Mortal Kombat: Legacy, but with a moustache!
As player 2, Scorpion's costume has a more orange hue.


Derek emphasized that game balance across the characters and their variations is a top priority and are accommodating this task accordingly.
Characters may have different mid-match victory poses based on which variation you are using, for example ‘Thunder God’ Raiden will discharge electricity all around him and ‘Master Of Storms’ Raiden will raise his arm and strike lightning into the air.
Currently all trade hits are +0 as fair advantage for both players.
Cross-ups have taken the majority of influence from MK9 rather than Injustice.
The stamina meter will refill during combos. Whether you are delivering one or receiving one.
Runs can be cancelled into back-dashes, forward-dashes, special moves and normal attacks. They can be cancelled also by blocking, but it is not in any way similar to dash cancels in MK9.
Some character variations will allow you to meter-burn combo strings to extend them further. At present, Kano has this ability in his Cutthroat variation. We didn't check with other characters unfortunately as we discovered this later than we had hoped.


Kano: "You talk too much, Torr."
Ferra: “You can't hear Torr!"
Kano: "Whatever."

Raiden: "Sub-Zero..."
Sub-Zero: "Fear their powers Raiden."
Raiden: "That is my challenge…”

D'Vorah: "Your times passed [Inaudible]."
Sub-Zero: "My day is finally dark."

Kano: "Bedtime baby."
Cassie Cage: "Ha, you'll be the one taking a nap."
Kano: "*spits* COME TO ME!"

Scorpion: "You must restore my family!"
Raiden: That ship has sailed."

Ferra: "{To Torr} Do you remember lightning man?"
Torr: "*Roars*"
Raiden: "[Inaudible] I can help you."
Ferra: "Yeah you talk, [Inaudible]."

Raiden: "Step aside cretin!"
D'Vorah: The emperor suggests YOU do it!"
Raiden: "I do not heed the emperor."

D'Vorah: "It's time for you now Raiden."
Raiden: "I can protect you D'Vorah."
D'Vorah: "Protection? It's pointless!"

Cassie Cage: "Scum…”
Kano: "Babe, first swing is on me."
Cassie Cage: "You’re full of it!”

D'Vorah: "[Inaudible] Kotal Kahn.”
Kotal Kahn: "[Inaudible] not angry with you."
D'Vorah: "How can I [Inaudible] don’t listen [Inaudible].”

Kano: "[Inaudible]"
Kotal Kahn: "[Inaudible] joining of the realms."

Kano: "[Inaudible] again."
Cassie Cage: "[Inaudible] don’t try it with me!"

Kano: "[Inaudible] your mother."
Cassie Cage: "[Inaudible]"
D'Vorah: "Your [Inaudible] nemesis.”
Scorpion: "[Inaudible]"
D'Vorah: "Ignorant just as [Inaudible]."

D'Vorah: "Kotal….”
Kotal Kahn: "With which face do you see me?"
D'Vorah: "There is no other power greater than ours!”

Source TKT

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