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Top 10 Reasons Mortal Kombat Deserves to Be as Big as Street Fighter
Top 10 Reasons Mortal Kombat Deserves to Be as Big as Street Fighter
Published by MKRayden
Post Top 10 Reasons Mortal Kombat Deserves to Be as Big as Street Fighter

Major League Gaming will be host to the second Mortal Kombat tournament of the year this weekend in Raleigh. Some of the best players in the country will be in attendance to compete for $7,000 on the MLG stage. While Mortal Kombat has received positive acclaim from various outlets, most consider Street Fighter, Tekken, and now Marvel vs Capcom as the pinnacle of fighting game titles. Even so, Mortal Kombat deserves to be held in that same breath, and here’s why:

1. It’s Mortal Kombat. With a 1992 debut, Mortal Kombat (MK) is the second-oldest fighting game in the world, after Street Fighter. The game caused a storm of controversy in the US when it released, with its violence, bloody nature and signature fatalities making it a hallmark name in homes around the country ever since. Nine games, two movies (both of which are arguably better than their Street Fighter counterparts) and one short-series later, Mortal Kombat is a name and phrase that will never be forgotten.

2. Take my money. Mortal Kombat is the only fighting game franchise that has sold as many copies as Tekken and Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat 9 has sold 1,907,104 worldwide Xbox and PlayStation 3 combined copies in its first ten weeks of release, compared to 1,132,879 for Super Street Fighter 4, and 1,151,870 for Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Sales figures provided by As of August 15, Warner Bros announced it had sold close to 3 million units worldwide, and that Mortal Kombat had surpassed expectations originally set for the title.

3. 2D is back. Mortal Kombat started and made its bones in a 2D universe. While the years of 3D Mortal Kombat games—including Deception, Armageddon and DC Universe—were interesting, it was not the same game that we’d all grown up playing. Mortal Kombat 9 return to 2D (2D-3D specifically) — the same style that the newest Street Fighter employed — gave fans exactly what they wanted, and has been a great success.3D universes in fighting games have worked for titles that have used the medium since the beginning, such as Virtua Fighter and Tekken, but 3D Mortal Kombat did not have the history, engine, medium or experience in the space that the other titles have had for a decade, so it was always a bit off. The reimplementation of 2D means that MK’s jumping, dodging, running, blocking and other core mechanics feel right again.

4. The reboot rocks. If you look at the official website, box art, press releases or anything else branded with the new Mortal Kombat, there is no 9 accompanying the name. Mortal Kombat’s developers Nether Realm Studios were asked by publisher Warner Bros to bring the game back to its roots.It has done just that with a reboot of the franchise, which falls in line with the resurgence of other classic franchises such as Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog. As MK’s creator Ed Boon recently told Chicago Now: “There’s sort of a lightning strike situation going on.”

5. The developers listen to the fans, and update accordingly - Nether Realm hasreleased several free patches for Mortal Kombat 9, not just for bug fixes, but for balance changes. The studio has also released a detailed changelog every time it makes an update, something you never see from other fighting game developers (including the ever-popular Capcom). The developers make it a point to attend community tournaments and listen to the top players when deciding what changes tomake. Kung Lao’s spin was deemed too fast and too powerful and both were reduced, while infinites from Kabal, Cyrax and Ermac were removed entirely. This seems simple on its own, but you’d be surprised by how few developers actually participate in this way.

6. Consistency is key – The Mortal Kombat competitive scene has thrived since the release of MK9, just as the Street Fighter scene has since the release of SF4. MK9 has been added to the main lineup of almost every major tournament across the country, and although it hasn’t had numbers as strong as SF4 or MvC3, it still draws in a decent amount of players. MK9 has been featured in a major tournament at least once a month since releaseacross North America, drawing people to Florida, Ohio, New Jersey, Toronto, and nearly a 1,000 signups to the EVO 2011 World Finals in Las Vegas.

7.EVO 2011 Grand Finals – While the $21,000 PDP National MK9 Tournament showcased the best of the best in MK9 early on, the EVO 2011 Grand Finals were the height of competition and hype for the competitive fighting game scene thus far. Although the game has already been out quite a while, thousands of people watched and cheered in the audience while 50,000 fans watched at home, the most ever for a Mortal Kombat event. The hype was enough that champion Perfect Legend trended on Twitter through the entire US, a feat accomplished by few in the world of competitive gaming. Part 1 – Part 2.

8.The Players – Although most fighting game players compete in multiple games,the Mortal Kombat community has seen several pro players over the past few months who are identifying themselves with MK more than any other game. Perfect Legend and Tom Brady, two staples in the Dead or Alive community, have found more success and legitimacy in MK 9’s short life than in several years of DOA. Less known players such as REO and Michaelangelo have now become MK mainstays, and Capcom players Arturo Sanchez, Chris G, PR Balrog and the infamous Justin Wong have all seen consistent action, with the latter being PDP National Champion.

9.The Media – There has been more media and coverage for the competitive MK scene recently than ever before. TestYourMight, TRMK, and UltimateMK, among others, have kept up with the competitive scene and provided tournament updates, player and developer interviews, match videos, and commentaries on a daily basis since the game’s release. Larger fighting game media on the normally Capcom-focused sites like Shoryuken, EventHubs and IPlayWinner have done the same, giving MK its fair share of exposure.

10. What Else Would Be There? –Capcom titles are by far and large the biggest competitive fighting games in the world, with the most players, most spectators, and most interest. Tekken is the most played game in Japanese arcades, and is the only fighting game to have a show on TV in Korea.Although a good game, Blaz Blue was never really seen as Guilty Gear’s true successor, and Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur, among other games, are considered more of a joke than a true competitive experience. Mortal Kombat is the only game outside of Capcom titles and Tekken that captures the right recipe for success.

Source Major League

textLatest 5 articles
By Ladeamon on 08-26-2011, 02:52 PM
Mortal kombat ftw
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By roadkillking on 08-26-2011, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by Ladeamon View Post
Mortal kombat ftw
damn straight mk ftw
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By Jonnyrp on 08-27-2011, 01:32 AM
Disagree. Being as old, being more about controversy and being 2d doesn't make it a pinnacle as big as SF,SC or else. Being popular does. I don't care for popular names that play it more than about any other player. I don't care about how much pro players that left other games are. They left since games will evolve more and more around spamming. It deserves more than Tekken imo but that's it. street fighter. I never liked 3d street fighter but in mk case, even though i loved growing up with the 2d (Running from both end of screen and the first player that hits has a crazy combo.) the combos being so fast back then, it was not much about defense sadly. Chars like Scorpion and Sub having free combos with a projectile?

3d MK was necessary, since now it's back to running from your end of screen to your opponent and **** defense. (Which i love.) But also back to spamming the jump feature or block. sidestep is needed imo against a lot of projectiles. I beat up shao Kahn with only projectiles again since he's too stupid... I mean stubborn to even jump or duck!! Boring.

Cool combos and graphics but too limited overall. Since when i bought DA (I was playing SC and VF.) 3d was necessary against many stuff.

Respect the players. I've always been one. Respect that choice of coming back but we need step forward. I'm not seven anymore.

Kool if capcom players and namco ones get in MK. I prefer MK to SF as always but this one goes along with SC4. Not much good stuff. And a whole lot of online spamming. All the stuff in DA, different for each chars made it the most competitive in my eyes. (Not talking fighting styles.)

Money? I couldn't care less. 3 millions units and more? The 2d coming back was an announcement for EASY MONEY. Since SF and Marvel Vs Capcom are the big names and among the good fighters of this generation. They followed the tendency. Followers have my pity. Marvel/Capcom though still so much buttonmashing for each character. Nothing technical at all. Today, competitive means spam fest.

Making a spamming game a competitive one? Players are tired of competitive stuff point. With spamming. Others tired of competition with no spamming. And spamming with no competition is what games (Fighters) are becoming.
But it's still not so noncompetitive. Just not as competitive as SC, Tekken or VF. And still not SF.
Chicken players still don't have means to defend against a good MK9 player. Just like it was back in MK1. Learn Scorp and Sub if you hate free combos or give up. And by chicken, i mean careful. They can still be a force to be reckon with when provided a chance.
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By roadkillking on 08-27-2011, 03:52 AM
only one problem i have with what you said shoa khan cant jump or duck but the rest is very compeling
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By Jonnyrp on 08-27-2011, 03:57 AM
Already knew that and only meant that against projectiles he doesn't do much. I can stay far from him and spam them. He's just firing back and most of the time waiting for a moment to move forward. Sometimes wasting time with his taunts. making him a really boring boss if you will.

3d experience? I believe when MK4 came out there was still not many 3d fighting games since SC1 came around that time. Tekken and VF being pinnacle for 3d? Well, i would have to get back on this one. But back when MK made their teeth on the 3d, they didn't have to be ashamed at all. (Arguably, with Tekken3, VF4 and SC2 and 3 MKDA was top of these games imo. Second after SC2.)

And with warner that asked them to go back to their roots (home is where the heart is, not the money.) From now on, MK won't listen to their fans sadly. But they will be driven by an entity that suppose they Know why, how it should be or why and how to make it popular. Since it's gonna move forward in terms of popularity, they won't care anymore about more isolated groups of fans.

Take out impale from DA and replace it with breaker for every character? (Not even giving you the edge on your opponent like reversal or parry) The death traps only involving 2 seconds instead of impale where you would slowly bleed out and have to defend against your foe. (Possible since some characters without impale had power up and reversal.) Having fun spamming Nitara's ball of blood against Bo's puking move even though the blood feature was set at off once you were bored?

They are now censoring they're own games. Way too much.

And MK_Rayden, i wonder why something in your post says that SC is more of a joke than MK.(Was that even proved or related to a gaming mag or did you made that up?) I was never a really good sc player but play it since a long time. OK. SC4 was really bad and with online, new players came along, forming online spammers. But MK9 will provide you with a lot of spamming stuff. The ladder mode where you have to kill zombies with characters like Stryker or Sonya? Shoot the gun and reload. Start shooting the gun again and reload. I wonder where SC makes more of a joke than MK. Back when it came out it was full of imagination, really competitive unlike MK. And also one of the first weapon based fighting games. MK didn't have anything but the controversy. Unlike SC, they would bring us so much new characters every game (Nightwolf, Sindel, Kabal and so on.) that they were forgetting them all for ten years. The SC fans being competitive know that the SC roster already having a strong fondation, they will be back with at least one character they always been competitive with. Or at least acostumed to.So, in ten years or more, if i'm not dead, maybe i'll be able to say that the creators care more about the fans by bringing back a character before a killer out of an horror franchise that had a remake with the help of warner (New line but with Michael Bay's money as producer involved? All Hollywood studios would pay to have a spot in this particular remake.). There was a MK9 add in the nightmare on elm street remake after all. And we were left wondering which character would be last as DLC?!

Being right for success means being right for the money. Not more competitive or less of a joke than any competitor. MK came back through Warner with a sad game and now will pretend they are the right stuff because they drop the heart for the money. And with someone being tired of a game and gathering with friends to make MK tournament because SC4 or Tekken6 sucked, medias will pretend MK9 is so flawless? Sad.

Sadest thing is money works better than what the heart means.
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By MKRayden on 08-29-2011, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by roadkillking View Post
only one problem i have with what you said shoa khan cant jump or duck but the rest is very compeling
if you remember shao kahn cant do jump and duck classic 2d mk and there is reason Shao kahn boss and heavy weight person and i think shao kahn personality no need duck with he is ruler he knows only winning so why scare someone and duck against projectile
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By Noob Gus on 09-11-2011, 05:07 AM
Mortal Kombat with Street Fighter and King of Fighters are great fighting games.
It's hard to say who is the best
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By Jonnyrp on 09-11-2011, 11:40 PM
Originally Posted by MKRayden View Post
if you remember shao kahn cant do jump and duck classic 2d mk and there is reason Shao kahn boss and heavy weight person and i think shao kahn personality no need duck with he is ruler he knows only winning so why scare someone and duck against projectile
I'd still make him able to do. Just my point of view. Like the 3d a little better both for gameplay and look (Backgrounds). But even with the return to the 2d, MK ain't so bad.

Well, SC4 and MVC3 sucked imo. Sc5 looks to become an other failure from what i saw yet. New chars look average and Ivy seems to wear more clothes? Weird. No Cervantes seen yet. (Sad) Tekken 6 was not so good either.

I don't play MK9 a lot but i'll wait to judge it too hard. Want to see what they're heading for, not only with the DLC stuff but for future games. In terms of story. Mk9 story is really average, it almost suck. Gameplay? I wouldn't mind keeping the 2d for a couple years still if the next game just forgot about being only the sequel of a reboot.
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By MKRayden on 09-12-2011, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Noob Gus View Post
Mortal Kombat with Street Fighter and King of Fighters are great fighting games.
It's hard to say who is the best
KOF all series aren't great
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