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Mortal Kombat X Krypt Inventory Items
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Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to Find All Krypt Inventory Items

Scorpionís Spear

Located on the Walkway of Souls at coordinates (-13,19) in the Krypts starting area. You will find a head pinned to a tree by Scorpions signature weapon. Walk up and interact with the tree to collect this inventory item.

Sub-Zeroís Iceball

Continue on after finding Scorpionís Spear until you find the Frost Path area. Head to coordinates (-21,20) and pick up an orb of the cryomancerís ice magic.

Raidenís Staff

After finding the previous items head on over to the Spider Kave to collect a few more of the Kryptís inventory items. Proceed to (5,11) and pick up the sparking staff of the thunder god.

Spider Gem

Head over to the Scorpion Pits (also located in the Spider Kave) and make your way to the coordinates (18,10). You will need Scorpionís Spear to get across and collect the Spider Gem.

Kung Laoís Hat

Continue over to the Chamber of Bones in the North West section of the Spider Kave. At coordinates (-7,12) you will find Kung Laoís bladed hat resting cozily inside of a corpse.

Reptileís Claw

In the north western area of the Spider Kave section of the crypt you will notice that there are actual hallways that have been built. Head over there and locate (6,30) in the Widowís Pass. Here you will find Reptileís Claw entangled in some web.

Kotal Kahnís Sword

This item takes a bit of puzzle work in order to obtain. Head over to the Switch Passage (13,33) and solve the lever puzzle that can be found there. The correct order to pull the levers is 4>1>3>2 (the numbers are indicated by spiders at the base of each lever). Afterwards, proceed through the now unlocked door and pick up this inventory item at (22,34).

Kenshiís Katana

Now that you have Kotal Kahnís Sword head on over to coordinates (6,35) in the Switch Passage in order to gain access to a new area, the Shadow Spiderís Hive. Walk over to (5,40) to find this Krypt inventory item nested in stone. You can now exit the Spider Kave.

Liu Kangís Fireball

With Kenshiís Katana in hand, head over to the entrance of Shao Khanís tomb (-2,21). Upon entering, Liu Kangís Fireball will be directly ahead of you at (0,6). The item grants you access to the White Lotus Temple located at (-20,4) in the Kryptís first area. Head left once you pick this cool looking item up.

Ermacís Pendant

After activating the first lever in the tomb (requires Sub-Zeroís Iceball, but you have that already) continue around the hallway towards coordinates (-5,18). Here you will find Ermacís Pendant just waiting to be picked up. Continue through the hall activating the remaining two switches (Reptileís and Ermacís).

Jaxís Rocket Launcher

After activating all three switches, you can head back to the first area of Shao Khanís tomb and use the main lever there. This will grant access to Kahnís Stronghold. Walk in and claim this powerful weapon for yourself at (0,12). Now youíre ready to collect the final item. Head back to the Kryptís starting area.

Netherrealm Kamidogu

Make your way to the Shrine Entrance (-11,12) and blast open the gate using your brand-new Rocket Launcher. Inside is a statue that allows you to wager Koins for items. Bet the maximum of 10,000 Koins, which you happen to get just for opening this gate, and you will receive the Kamidogu which grants access to the Netherrealm gate of the Krypt (-24,18).

There you have it, every Krypt inventory item is now yours. Go forth and explore, kill random QTE enemies for koins, and open up everything. For more guides, tips, tricks, and information on Mortal Kombat X be sure to check out our Forums.

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