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Mortal Kombat Classic Talk about Mortal Kombat old games which includes: MK, MK II, MK 3, Ultimate MK 3, MK Advance, MK Trilogy, MK 4, MK Gold, MKDA ,MKD, MKA., MK Vs. DCU, MK9 and MKXL earlier).

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MKX Community Wishlist. You're gonna want to check this out

This is a work in progress thread for forum member's suggestions for a possible Mortal Kombat 10. I CANNOT guarantee any Netherrealm Studios employees will be reading this, but you know how it is.

Features request:

Break into manageable parts. Leave your suggestions here. The sky is the limit.

Updated 21/10/14 (UK), 10/21/14 (USA)

=====Delay until 2015 to allow expanded features.

=====Call MKX steelbook edition "MKX Khrome Edition"

=====Add replays to MKX. Not only do they serve as a good way to relive and share your favorite matches, they're also an important tool at identifying your patterns and habbits as a player. Often at match speed many players don't even realize they (or their opponent) fall into certain patterns during a match. Additionally this gives players the ability to identify opponent tactics and plan around them in training mode.

=====Option to display hitboxes in training mode and replays. It's beneficial to developing a footsie game and prioritizing anti airs.

=====Blue flames for Liu Kang

=====Albino crocodile for Reptile's colour

=====Full-size history of MK, all inclusive artbook! Character designs, unmade characters, stages, concepts! EVERYTHING!

=====Able to optionally use Street Fighter-style hold-back-blocking instead of Mortal Kombat-style Button-blocking in Mortal Kombat X. It wouldn't give anybody any advantages and would actually make you more vulnerable to crossups than in Mortal Kombat-style Button-blocking, because in Mortal-Kombat-style Button-blocking, attacks are blocked the same way whether the opponent is on the left OR the right, unlike Street Fighter

=====As cyborgs get more damaged, we see tiny sparks appear around them a little bit.

=====Female cyborg with breast missiles like Aphrodite A

=====Personalized intro/outro dialogue based on character relationships.

=====Personalized (cancellable) taunts like Street Fighter 4 series during the match. As in Scorpion saying one thing to Sub-Zero during a fight, and something else to Quan Chi in another.

=====Nimble characters to do Tricking/Team Tricking/Parkour during cutscenes and during the fights for get ups after each round and/or for finishing moves.



List of moves for reference purposes: Roundoff Arabian, Roundoff Back 360, Raiz, Chuck Up, Roundoff Back 720, Aerial, Frontflip, Webster, Backtuck, Side Flip, Kip Up, Cartwheel Back-Tuck, Kick The Moon, Corkscrew, Butterfly Kick And Twist, Butterfly Twist Swing Through, Butterfly Twist Vault, Parkour Roll, Dive Roll, Round Off, Cartwheel, Handstand, 540 Cresdent, 540 Kick, Backflip Jujimufu, Au Batido, Backflip, Backhand Spring, Cheat Gainer, Double Leg, Flash Kick, Single Leg, Tornado Kick.

=====Realistic Foot Planting - Inverse Kinematics
With foot-planting and a robust next-gen animations engine, combined with motion capture, it will remove the canned animations in the game, you'll never see sliding feet, skipped animations, or repetitive jerky movements in MK. Athletes shift and move like real people instead of just hovering around a flat plane floating inside your TV or PC. Foot placement, along with accurate momentum, combine to bring the third trick to life.


=====Using the cloud technology just like Forza, have the game be able to study your game play and essentially clone you and your skills into the game. Allowing you to play against cloned AI of yourself

=====Full theatre system including PANCAM for all game modes so you can watch with friends (have more than one person in your party) and you can use a mic when in or out of theatre mode. Evolve into a mode where we can edit it like a machinima, add special effects, and onomonopeas. Different Zoom Levels . Actual slow-mo. Rewind with left trigger. Mesh clips together. Group editing. Upload to youtube. Tag videos. More Camera Angles, the ability to adjust each camera angle to your liking. And have it show the gamertags of who was playing in that match. While this would be great to go back and rewatch great matches between you and other players, I'll admit that the main reason why I want this is to have proof when reporting someone that's using a hacked moveset or exploiting glitches. I'm running into these people so many times I'm starting to recognize them by gamertag. How is it that they haven't been punished yet? I can't be the only one reporting them, right? Well, with this feature, we'll at least have proof of what's going on and we can send it to the moderators so they'll know it's not just us trying to get someone in trouble for no reason. You send the video and say "Look. He's cheating. There's his gamertag. Handle it."

=====Alternate weather versions (separate stages you could pick) such as sunny, rain, snow, lightning, sandstorms, fog, blizzards etc and morning, day , evening, and night

=====Custom water. If Tekken can do it, MK can do it. Adjustable Depth, colour, Temperature (icebergs and glaciers form when you make water cold, and bubbles and steam comes when you make it hot), Current/wave directions, and water flow speed (Stagnant water, or rivers moving so fast they kill you if you step in them). Ground is covered by water like the island stage from MK vs DCU to see the water change into a dark red with all the blood that was s****ed throughout a battle.

=====3DCG intro. Two sides of the story in storymode! One from the Heroes perspective and one from the Villains. Everyone should get a turn. Keep the cutscenes, but please change it so that we're not stuck with one character for a chapter. It forces the writers to put a character in fights they don't need to be in. Add nameless mooks to kill in story mode rather than constantly fight Sektor, Reptile and Baraka etc. A policeman that a bad guy can kill and a tarkatan a good guy can kill etc.

=====Team Battle mode. Allows players to make teams of up to 8 fighters and battle against a friend or CPU. After one character is defeated, the next one in line replaces them. The winner of each match will stay on and receive a slight increase in health. The last team standing will be the winner.

=====Tournament mode. Up to 16 players can take part in online tournaments. Players can also organize and host their own tournaments and stream them.

=====1P VS CPU in Versus mode - so I can pick the opponent and stage I want (as opposed to just random opponents/stages in Arcade mode)

=====CPU VS CPU in Versus mode - So I can watch max difficulty CPU characters fight on a stage that I choose.

=====4K graphics

=====Friendship (finisher) especially now with the story mode that imposes several comradeship, you'd think that Jax wouldn't rip off Sonya's arms and smash her head, no matter how annoyed he is with her at the moment, etc.

=====More funny Easter Eggs.

=====Some sort of system where if you quit too many times it will put you on a probation period and not allow you to access online features.

=====Bring chat back, but add in a spam filter so if you're annoying it will just temporarily mute you.

===== Bring back Chess.

=====Spectator mode. Users can watch other fights in real time (or of course those that are uploaded) and vote on things like Fight of the Year

===== Turn the announcer off or have the option to turn the volume down on it

=====A stage with a castle, red full moon and northern lights (sky).

=====Better matchmaking. Search for players based on their true skill rank, then you could search for players 'any skill', 'same skill' or 'higher skill' rank.

=====Subsurface Scattering. It makes skin look more realistic (same technique used in the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition).

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=====Tresfx tech for the hair (freeflowing hair). Hair Smoke could look awesome with better hair physics.

Tomb Raider TressFX Hair: ON & OFF Comparison

=====Online Training mode. In this mode, players will be able to invite their friends to play with them in the training arena under practice conditions.

=====Costume preview on character select screen.

=====All characters unlocked from start. No progression based unlocks. At least, not ones that affect gameplay.

=====I'm thinking you should remove stance button. A Stance when moving forward and other stance when moving backwards.

=====Search region specific. Europe, USA Central, USA West, USA East. No region lock for online modes. At least give us the choice of competing with our friends from the other regions on private sessions.

=====GGPO netcode.

=====Player status 'online', 'away' and 'be right back'.

=====Import Facebook friends.

=====Leaderboard stat tracking.

=====The connect section allows the user to create and join community groups. Groups are several people who share one similar interest (Such as Chuck Norris, for example) that play Mortal Kombat. This lets people meet new friends that share each other's interests. To join a group, the user simply has to add that group's group tag (i.e. #MKfans). The user is allowed to be a part of 20 groups at once. Popular groups will be showcased in Featured Groups. The user can also create and join clans. Unlike groups, the user must be invited by the clan leader to join the clan.

=====Track your Mortal Kombat performance with rich game statistics in Nekropolis. Highest damage combo, most hits, win to loss ratio with said character, etc..

=====Choose your destiny.

=====More attractive feminine faces. Unique body models.

=====Multitiered stages

=====Colour edit mode. Editing the colours of a characters outfit. Instead of having 10-12 preset colours, like SF4, you can change individual colours on a character from a larger selection of colours. So with, say, Ryu, you can set his gi colour, his belt colour, his gloves colour, his headband colour, even his skin and hair colours (UV colours)

=====Multiple layer tattoo creator. Like a tattoo creator with multiple layers that you can piece together.

=====Custom matches with certain handicaps e.g.
Option to disable the Super Meter, HUD, X-Ray attacks, blood, battle damage

=====Tag X-Rays. Stage Xrays. Although X-Ray moves are awesome, it’s weird seeing them done twice in the same round with SubZero freezing and cracking the same organ or someone able to fight perfectly after suffering a broken leg. Make them more “down to earth” and maybe only able to be done once a round. Also, some of the x-ray moves look like fatalities in and among themselves. I don’t think anyone could keep fighting after having Baraka shove a three foot blade through their eye socket.

=====Characters to use their abilities/theme in fatalities. Mix up the stage fatality endings. Instead of having the same animation for each character, (Someone falling of The Pit, landing on the same spike with the exact same organ being impaled and forced through the body.) we wouldn’t know how they would meet their demise. Maybe the character could miss the spikes entirely and smack into the ground. Maybe only their arm could hit a spike and be ripped off. The possibilities are endless and this concept couldn’t only be applied to The Pit. Someone could land on the hook in the Dead Pool and slowly be lowered into the acid. Or instead of someone stomping their opponent’s head into the lava everytime on the Hell stage, maybe they’ll get fully tossed in or thrown to that Cerberus creature in the background. The same concept of differing animations could be applied to fatalities as well. Just to mix it up, we might not be sure how Scorpion will dice up his felled opponent. What body part will Reptile rip off with his tongue and eat this time? (possible the leg, leaving his opponent to bleed to death...) Again, the possibilities of “random animations” are endless and could add a whole new dimension and diversity to Mortal Kombat.

===== A shallow Pit with wild animals at the bottom. Lions or snakes or scorpions etc. Lions for instance could fight over the body, ripping apart limbs an’ such etc.

=====Limited destructible environments. Maps that change as you play similar to the levolution on Battlefield 4, but on a smaller scale.

=====Deep Electronic beats can work in MK. Street fighter has some catchy beats. Listen 1.40s-2.00s


=====Future Character Costume Designs
NRS must make faces as hot as Red Sonja's face. She was ranked first in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.

The most important thing is that the outfits are practical but match the characters' personalities at the same time. Although my runway (fashion) pictures of the dresses wouldn't be form-fitting for fighting, redesigning the bottom of the costume to panties/knickers would work with the whole top covered up except for slightly showing of breasts, that way it’s still naughty but nice. As they are magnificent royal female warriors they should look high value and not wear such revealing clothes like the girl next door. Less clothing only works for certain situations like sexually charged environment such as strip clubs and nightclubs where it’s OK whatever girls choose to wear. Also it's less likely the wounds/cuts will be seen on flesh if their top is more covered up.

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