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Lui_Kang_HERO Lui_Kang_HERO is offline 09-10-2009, 06:49 AM
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it would be great to combine the greatest asspects about MKD and MKSM to one great huge game.

the aspects i am talking about are two specific things.

MKD's open ended konquest mode.

and MKSM's non-stop action Adventure mode.

MK9's konquest mode should have the abilaty for you to travel around and do many many many many enjoyable side-quests and travel to many many many many many places and meet many many many many famous charectars........

and at the same time

.......the gameplay will have you normally fight and use the throw button to talk,if you are in a peacfull village then you can either talk to many poeple and do side quests,or you can just fight many poeple(but instead of random punches like mkd you would be able to freely fight like in mksm) and no one will give a damn about you,and you can automatically enter fight's by either the main story quests or by the side quests.

you will have BOTH the exiting action fighting of mksm AND the enjoyable adventures of mkd.

what can i say,i like action and adventure games more than fighting games ^_^.

as for poeple who prefer fighting games,i found mk4 to be highly enjoyable,and with mk vs dc being known for it's great gameplay(despite the infinites ^-^) i think combining mk4 and mk vs dc gameplay(and possibly mkda)for a nice great fighting game,i'd prefer if charectars could do crazy movements like in mk4 rather than realistic movements like in mkd/mka,and it would be better if everyone can teleport and if charectars have less delay time between attacks and special attacks.

that's right,i like fast paced gameplay ^_^

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remember not all MK chars are spectres, ice freaks, sorcerers, ponies with iron tails and horns, four armed lunatics, and skull helmet-thong wearing freak with giant hammers xD