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Scorpion vs Sub-Zero Discussion
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RKO Dragon15 RKO Dragon15 is offline 07-10-2009, 09:37 AM
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This felled into my shoulder's once again, and I want to end it now, Scorpion's better than Sub-Zero, and here's the prove

Before MK1: Original Sub-Zero killed HANZO, not Scorpion, he killed Hanzo
MK1: Scorpion killed Original Sub-Zero
MK2: Scorpion saw New Sub-Zero, and thought he was Original Sub-Zero, until New Sub-Zero sparred Cage's life(not confirmed if Cage), then Scorpion defeated New Sub-Zero, sparred his life and unknown to New Sub-Zero, bowed to protect him in retribution for killing Noob Saibot(Original Sub-Zero)
MK4: Scorpion defeated Sub-Zero once again, and almost killed him if it wasn't for Quan Chi proctecting Sub-Zero(revealing himself as the one who killed Scorpion's family and clan) and then both went to hell, except Sub-Zero who was still to beaten to get up

Weak Sub-Zero prove:
MK1: Killed
MK4: Defeated by Scorpion, saved by Quan Chi
MKDA: Saved by Frost unable to control the Dragon Amulet(not necesarrily means that Sub-Zero is weak, but to show he was saved from death)
MKD: Saved by Kenshi when attacked by Hotaru
MKA: Saved by Taven from Noob Saibot
MKSM: Saved by Liu Kang or Kung Lao depending on who you chose
MK vs DC: Saved by Liu Kang from Scorpion

enough prove, I can get more, but it doesn't matter how many use Sub-Zero better than Scorpion, how better Sub-Zero's powers are than Scorpion's, no matter how many women can Sub-Zero get better than Scorpion(I say this for Sareena and Frost), Scorpion is, was and will be better than Sub-Zero

Keep it in style B)
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