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The Fallen Angel-Chapter 2

A couple of weeks after I have been sworn in as the banished Elder God of Darkness, Shinnok's new henchman, I was assigned my first mission. I was to take my master to a temple that was located in the corners of the Netherrealm. He had said something about finding his lost amulet.

You see, in my demon form, I am a large animal, that can easily carry humans on my back. I then started to run, as fast as I could.

Halfway past the walls of the city, I came across a group of demons, that were blocking off our path. My sensitive nose picking up their malodorous scent.

I coundn't stand the stench, so I then quickly roared at them to get out of the way.

My roar had pretty much frightened the evil beings, because they had moved over to the side quickly, so we could pass.

About 20 minutes later, we had come across an decrepit old temple, that looked like it was ready to collaspe at any second.

I then asked "Master Shinnok. Are you sure this is the place? I mean, aren't there other temples in the Netherrealm, that are in better condition, that could possibly house your lost amulet? Because, I highly doubt that we could find anything in these ruins," I asked with uncertainty.

"Of course it is, Rayna. Now, go inside," said my master with impatience.

After I walked into the temple, it was absolutely pitch black. Save for the flames around my paws and tails flickering off with a warm glow.

While searching for the amulet, my nose had suddenly come across a new scent. As I sniffed the air for the new scent, it had led me to the end of the room.

I then extended my sharp claws, and started to dig up a huge hole, until I found something shiny and sparkling at the bottom. I jumped into the hole, extracted the object with my teeth, jumped back out of the hole, and brought it over to my master, so he could examine the item.

"Master Shinnok. Could this possibly be the lost amulet that you have been searching for?" I mumbled, as I dropped the unknown item into my master's hands.

As he examined the item more closely, he had started to laugh manically.

"Yes. Yes, this is it. I thank you Rayna, for your assistance," Master Shinnok replied, as he scratched me in between my ears.

Just as he put the item on the waist of his clothing, we both heard a voice sharply call out "GET OVER HERE!"

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a spear attached to a long rope, had embedded itself into my side.

I howled in pain, as the tip of the now bloody kunai, had dug deeper into my fur and flesh. As I was being continusely dragged towards the unknown i n t r u d e r, I could easily tell that he was having great difficulty.

I have had enough. With my very powerful jaws, I clamped down onto the rope that was connected to the kunai, thus, disconnecting it easily, like a pair of scissors cutting through a piece of paper.

I had leaped back at least 5 feet away from him, blood leaking from the minor wound that I was now suffering from. I then bared my sharp teeth, and growled angrily at the stranger.

Once the disconnected rope retracted into the stranger's hand, he had stepped out of the shadows, via, the soft glow that my flames were giving off. The person in question, seemed to be very agitated.

He was a tall man, who was garbed in a yellow and black ensemble. On his back, were sheathed, two very sharp ninja swords. There was a black and yellow face mask covering up the lower portion of his face.

And his eyes, which were all white, seemed incapable of holding any type of emotion.

"Wait," I thought. "What was it that the Elder Gods called creatures like him? Oh, now I remember. A ninja spectre."

Before I had been banished, and was still a angel, I would spend a lot of time in the archives of the Temple, reading about information of the warriors, a.k.a, the Mortal Kombatants.

I had read, of a very powerful and terrifying creature that resided in the Netherrealm, who was an undead spawn of Hell. He was known as a ninja spectre.

No matter how many times that you kill him, he'll just be ressurected in the Netherrealm, even stronger, and more powerful than ever!

I had also read, that he was not originally of the Netherrealm. His birthplace was somewhere in Earthrealm-the very realm that is now enslaved, and has caused my banishment from the heavens.

"Ah, Scorpion. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" asked Master Shinnok, with an evil smile.

"You know d a m n well why I'm here, Shinnok!" snarled the person known as Scorpion, angrily. "I cannot allow you to leave the Netherrealm."

"Oh, yeah. And just who are you to try and stop us?" I growled at this so-called Scorpion person.

He was a little suprised, that I could talk. Most other humans would be terrified. But, he quickly came back, by saying "So, Shinnok. It seems that you have acquired yourself a new henchman."

"Yes, Scorpion. I have. Her name is Rayna, and she is far more useful to me then any other of my past henchmen, even more so then Tanya. Now, if you would be so kind, as to move aside, we will be on our way." said Master Shinnok.

"Over my dead body!" said Scorpion, before he unsheathed one of the swords that he carried on his back.

"With pleasure!" I snarled, before we continued the battle just outside of the cave. My master had gotten off of my back, so that I could deal with the i n t r u d e r.

The undead ninja started charging towards me with all of his might, intent on cleaving me in two with his sword. Just as he came within close range, I cleverly jumped out the way.

He then managed, to somehow vanish into thin air! I was confused, as to where he could be, but, I kept my ears on the alert.

Suddenly, I felt something hard strike the middle of my back. Like the heel of a boot. As I had pushed down roughly to the ground, he quickly raised his hands into the air.

"I don't like where this is going," I thought with worry.

I suddenly howled in agony, as very hot and powerful flames were being raised under my underside, thus, scorching it. I then bared my teeth in pain, as I weakly struggled to stand back up.

As I did so, I felt a very stiff punch across my jaw, thus again, sending me back to the ground, on my back, causing me to spit up blood in the process.

"I have to get back up fast, or I'm surely going to die here," I thought sadly.

Just as he was drawing closer and closer, a giant hand, composed completely of skeleton, had risen up from out the ground, grabbing and squeezing the life out of him.

When I had looked up, I saw that Master Shinnok was helping me out. His hands seemed to be aglow with a soft lavender light, as the giant skeletal hand continued squeezing the life out him.

Once released, he was gasping for air.

"Thank you, Master Shinnok," I called back to him weakly with gratitude. "If you hadn't helped me out when you did, I surely would have been killed."

"You're welcome, Rayna. Now, finish him!" bellowed my master.

With quick thinking, I pushed one of my flaming tails on to my scorched underbelly, thus, healing it. If there's one thing that I like about my nine tails, is that they have magnificent healing properties.

A soft blue light enveloped me, as I felt my injuries healing, and the strength returning to me.

Once the healing process was complete, I streched on all of my four haunches, like a cat. Now, I had the chance to finish him off, while he was still down.

I quickly ascended into the sky, the flames surrounding my paws and tails growing in size as I did so. Once in mid-air, I had a great view of everything around me. But, alas. I had no time for sightseeing, as I was to finish off the i n t r u d e r.

I suddenly felt the very long hairs on my back start to stand up on end, until they became sharp, like the quills of a porcupine. I had quickly taken the advantage. I arched down my back, and fired the sharp hairs at my opponent.

The person that calls himself Scorpion, was now completely showered in quills, screaming in agony, as they pierced every inch of his body, forcing him to drop his weapon.

As the pathetic cries of pain from this worthless human reached my sensitive hearing, I heard my stomach starting to rumble loudly.

I'm canivorous by nature, so I haven't eaten anything in over a week, due to the fact, that there wasn't any prey large enough to satisfy my hunger. Now that he was immobilized, I no longer considered him my opponent. He was now my dinner!

Once my paws had once again touched solid earth, I charged towards my prey with full force. Some of my quills had pierced his eyes, so I had permantly blinded him. I then pounced upon my prey, pinning him down with all of my weight.

The only part of his body that had been left untouched, was his neck. Which, in a moment, will have my my jaws wrapped around it. The tips of my sharp fangs pierced his windpipe, causing blood to squirt out and stain my mouth and front paws in the process.

I continued to keep my strong grip on his windpipe, until I heard no struggling or movement.

Once I released my grip, I said "Great. He should keep me full for a least a week," I smiled evily, as I licked my lips, which were now bloody.

In only a few minutes time, I was able to tear and rip off the clothing, and strip the dead carcass down to as how much I could consume. I then started picking my teeth with one my bloody claws, like a toothpick.

"Fatality," my master muttered quietly soon afterward.

"So, master. Once we get out of this hellhole, where should we head next?" I growled curiously.

"Hmmm...How about the Chaosrealm? I have some business to attend to there."

"Okay. Then the Chaosrealm, it is."

As we were heading back towards the portal from the murder scene, I had left only the remains, for some demon or Oni to come along, and consume.

So, what did you think? Let me know.
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You left words doubled like my my and to to. The first one was good and the second was fair

Chapter 1: 8/10
Chapter 2: 7/10

This doesn't mean to stop! Continue Please! :)
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Good Story
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Really cool
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I like to see more
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Thanks to all of you guys. :D
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