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03-07-2008, 06:26 PM
Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars marked the return of the long-running strategy series, and the fast-paced real-time strategy game will expand with Kane's Wrath, a new add-on that will add subfactions to the GDI, Brotherhood of Nod, and Scrin alien forces from the original game. This time around, we have details on some of the new units that will join the dastardly Brotherhood of Nod.

The Awakened
The Awakened are an army of synthetic soldiers fashioned from corpses and devoid of emotion or free will to ensure full obedience to Kane. These fearsome soldiers were developed in a hidden laboratory in Central Asia. On the battlefield, they each wield an arm-mounted direct-fire weapon, as well as a powerful EMP emitter, which makes them well-suited to ground skirmishes against both enemy foot soldiers and enemy vehicles. These unfeeling warriors possess the toughest armor of any first-tier infantry unit.
The Enlightened
The Enlightened are even more twisted than the Awakened. The last vestiges of humanity have been stripped away from these cybernetic creatures to make them even more powerful in battle. The Enlightened carry upgradeable particle-beam weapons that can melt vehicle armor, as well as EMP blasters that can stop enemy vehicles cold. These fearsome antivehicle troopers can also be upgraded to march even more quickly so that they can better catch up with nimbler scout vehicles.

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