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I myself don't do online gaming, but I kompletely understand. Here's what I would do without stooping to their low level.

First of all, breakers. Unfortunately as you said, you only get three, so use them if stuck in a corner and you need to get out. Otherwise, hold block the entire time they execute their "superkill" kombo. It should push you to a distance so you can execute a well-timed jumpkick.

Second, be sure to have the freeze move handy (or the spear, but the spear moves slightly slower). Once frozen, you can choose the option to perform a taunt move just to lay the hurt on. :D Finally, slam the loser with a high-skilled kombo. Fwam fwam ker-POW!, then in the air, use Onslaught style.

Lastly, be sure to dodge and keep a distance from the opponent while trying to freeze/spear the cheater. Hope this helps.
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