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I didnt say dont use Biology I agree Biology is facts. But i said dont give foolish reasons from biology .. Biology has never said that there isnt any life there.. If there is life there can be life on other planets as well.. For Example: Microbes are found on Venus 50KM from the surface ,and you like biology you also know that some organisms can only live in Highly Hot conditions... Alien is every living thing out of earth .. Im not saying only Complex Multicellular organisms (that relate to kingdom Plantae and Animalia) ... Im saying that the smallest Microbes are aliens too.. For one second become neutral then think straightly.. and calmly you understand what im trying to say .. Im not saying that your not listening im saying that you dont "want" to listen.. listen none of us have been to other planets.. That doesnt mean Aliens do or do not exsist.. This topic is "do you believe in aliens" not that you have seen or know.. It means Hope that maybe we arent alone in this universe.. And the whole bullshit ive been saying .. Ive never said that "there 'are' Aliens" Ive said there 'might be' aliens.. and more on a religious note.. Why did God create such a huge place when we cant even go out of this system.. just to look up like Crack heads?
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