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First, in the bible it says that Earth is the only planet with the gift of life, I don't know what passage it is, sorry, but I know it's in there.
Second, scientifically, life itself should be impossible, because all orginisms are composed up of cells, and the way cells are made requires a method that a cell does to reproduce itself, coming to the scientific law stateing: All cells came from pre-existing cells. If all cells came from pre-existing cells, then how did the first cell come to be??? Impossible, life can't start without cells, and creating a cell from something other than a cell itself is impossible, so this planet having life is scientifically impossible. But it does, so what are the odds of something physically, and biologically impossible happening not once (Earth), but twice (some other planet). It's not. That's why I dont think there is life anywhere else.
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