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=====Tresfx tech for the hair (freeflowing hair). Hair Smoke could look awesome with better hair physics.

Tomb Raider TressFX Hair: ON & OFF Comparison

=====Online Training mode. In this mode, players will be able to invite their friends to play with them in the training arena under practice conditions.

=====Costume preview on character select screen.

=====All characters unlocked from start. No progression based unlocks. At least, not ones that affect gameplay.

=====I'm thinking you should remove stance button. A Stance when moving forward and other stance when moving backwards.

=====Search region specific. Europe, USA Central, USA West, USA East. No region lock for online modes. At least give us the choice of competing with our friends from the other regions on private sessions.

=====GGPO netcode.

=====Player status 'online', 'away' and 'be right back'.

=====Import Facebook friends.

=====Leaderboard stat tracking.

=====The connect section allows the user to create and join community groups. Groups are several people who share one similar interest (Such as Chuck Norris, for example) that play Mortal Kombat. This lets people meet new friends that share each other's interests. To join a group, the user simply has to add that group's group tag (i.e. #MKfans). The user is allowed to be a part of 20 groups at once. Popular groups will be showcased in Featured Groups. The user can also create and join clans. Unlike groups, the user must be invited by the clan leader to join the clan.

=====Track your Mortal Kombat performance with rich game statistics in Nekropolis. Highest damage combo, most hits, win to loss ratio with said character, etc..

=====Choose your destiny.

=====More attractive feminine faces. Unique body models.

=====Multitiered stages

=====Colour edit mode. Editing the colours of a characters outfit. Instead of having 10-12 preset colours, like SF4, you can change individual colours on a character from a larger selection of colours. So with, say, Ryu, you can set his gi colour, his belt colour, his gloves colour, his headband colour, even his skin and hair colours (UV colours)

=====Multiple layer tattoo creator. Like a tattoo creator with multiple layers that you can piece together.

=====Custom matches with certain handicaps e.g.
Option to disable the Super Meter, HUD, X-Ray attacks, blood, battle damage

=====Tag X-Rays. Stage Xrays. Although X-Ray moves are awesome, it’s weird seeing them done twice in the same round with SubZero freezing and cracking the same organ or someone able to fight perfectly after suffering a broken leg. Make them more “down to earth” and maybe only able to be done once a round. Also, some of the x-ray moves look like fatalities in and among themselves. I don’t think anyone could keep fighting after having Baraka shove a three foot blade through their eye socket.

=====Characters to use their abilities/theme in fatalities. Mix up the stage fatality endings. Instead of having the same animation for each character, (Someone falling of The Pit, landing on the same spike with the exact same organ being impaled and forced through the body.) we wouldn’t know how they would meet their demise. Maybe the character could miss the spikes entirely and smack into the ground. Maybe only their arm could hit a spike and be ripped off. The possibilities are endless and this concept couldn’t only be applied to The Pit. Someone could land on the hook in the Dead Pool and slowly be lowered into the acid. Or instead of someone stomping their opponent’s head into the lava everytime on the Hell stage, maybe they’ll get fully tossed in or thrown to that Cerberus creature in the background. The same concept of differing animations could be applied to fatalities as well. Just to mix it up, we might not be sure how Scorpion will dice up his felled opponent. What body part will Reptile rip off with his tongue and eat this time? (possible the leg, leaving his opponent to bleed to death...) Again, the possibilities of “random animations” are endless and could add a whole new dimension and diversity to Mortal Kombat.

===== A shallow Pit with wild animals at the bottom. Lions or snakes or scorpions etc. Lions for instance could fight over the body, ripping apart limbs an’ such etc.

=====Limited destructible environments. Maps that change as you play similar to the levolution on Battlefield 4, but on a smaller scale.

=====Deep Electronic beats can work in MK. Street fighter has some catchy beats. Listen 1.40s-2.00s

=====Future Character Costume Designs
NRS must make faces as hot as Red Sonja's face. She was ranked first in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.

The most important thing is that the outfits are practical but match the characters' personalities at the same time. Although my runway (fashion) pictures of the dresses wouldn't be form-fitting for fighting, redesigning the bottom of the costume to panties/knickers would work with the whole top covered up except for slightly showing of breasts, that way it’s still naughty but nice. As they are magnificent royal female warriors they should look high value and not wear such revealing clothes like the girl next door. Less clothing only works for certain situations like sexually charged environment such as strip clubs and nightclubs where it’s OK whatever girls choose to wear. Also it's less likely the wounds/cuts will be seen on flesh if their top is more covered up.

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