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reply to johny

i appreciate your reply and my guess was right you look mk as other way means story mode matters to you and obviously its not bad thing most of the people take keen interest in story mode which ever game they are playing. Yes, i am a big fan of mk and you will shock to hear mk9 is my first game in mortal kombat series that i have played and i didn't knew much story line what happened previous that is why story mode doesn't matters to me right now but i will find some one like MKRAYDEN by whom i will take full info what happened in past parts of mk. Secondly i am kind of player who like to play many games. Besides MK i also play Kof 98, kof XIII, tekken tag tournament 2, Dota 2, injustice etc but i am not that much good in these parts as compare to mk.
To me one should focus on the game whom he is good at but at present i had left gaming including mk9 and waiting for MKX and tekken 7.
But the most worst thing in my country which we gamers have to face is no one supports gaming here. Even though i and my other friends are good gamer but no one knew us except Pakistanese players. We don't have much money neither did we have any sponsors so that we can participate in big tournaments like EVO, MLG etc. You are one of the lucky guy to be born in Canada. There were many tournaments occured in Canada.
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