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Originally Posted by pain View Post
I really don't know the truth but i think the great difference between you and me is you play MK for just knowing story mode and entertainment but i play MK for participating in tournaments,challenges and money matches around my country and i have challenged and defeat almost all players that belongs to my country.
I didn't quote your whole statement simply because, this is all left to opinion. You said MK was way better than Tekken since they are eager to make a lot of changes from game to game. That if it even means regarding the gameplay, which changes more often then not in MK compared to other games i know. But i actually told you only my opinion about it i think Tekken (and so it is for other games that i like better than Tekken) did better than the MK team in providing continuity, meaning that i don't think that turning the tables upside down each new generation or each new game like MK's doing is a plus. I already told you that continuity in character, story and so relevance were my type of things. Hence why VF and Soul Calibur are still my fav fighters.

And Pain . Cool it off about the moneymaking tourneys man. You are into them? You wish to be into them? Good for you. I wish you achieve your goal. But MK's actually became a serious tourney fighter in 2011, after the release of MK9 while many other fighters have been popular tourney fighters since their birth. So don't try and shove down my throat that with that fact that started with MK9 only, MK's became better than games that do this since long. A lot of people are waiting for MKX. I can hardly wait myself. This is going to be one of 2015's most popular release i agree. Both for casuals and pro fighters. They still made many character changes and gameplay changes, we see that with the videos. But will that make all the tourney players that started playing strategically with MK9 happy? Or will that many changes be the first nail of their downfall as a serious tourney fighter?

We'll see about that. I'm cool if it remains a great tourney fighter. But with that many changes each turn MK assures itself to remain an accessible game for casual players, those who'll buy the game, not make a dime out of it but buy it. Don't tell a VF, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, KOF or Tekken player that has made money or participated in tourneys that since 3 years, now that MK has started being recognized in their groups it has become such a better game than any tourney fighter based on the fact alone that they make so many changes. People are entitled to their opinion. But if you value that tourney fighting fact that much, and only have MK for an example, well keep working until you are as great as you want to be but the franchise didn't invent tourney fighters. Neither was it the reference when tourney fighters started to emerge.

You seem to be concerned with the idea that i play MK for means of entertainment, i'm fine with it but that's assuming i have never participated in a tournye for money. It is like a bastard child out of them, like the most popular game out of them but they were last to make it as a serious fighter which you seem to value so much. It seems to me, like i seem to you, that you value MK that much since they made it as a pro tourney fighter only, but disregard on games that actually were what you value so much about MK only because it is your fav.
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