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don't agreed

You asked me which part i had played in tekken so let me clear i had played tekken 3 than shifted to King of fighters because i had lot my tekken friends at that time and now many years later i found some so i again started playing tekken 6 and than tekken tag tournament 2 and now waiting for tekken 7.

Now answering to you guyz what you guyz reallying talking about is changing or adding game characters i know there are tons of character added to tekken but this doesn't make an impact on gameplay style, neither did creating good story mode makes any impact on gameplay. What gameplay changing means to me is changing moves, adding or changing special moves like they did with x-ray, added breaker, in previous parts like deadly alliance and deception (your's favourite) and armagadon they have introduced different styles like hand on hand and weapons that they have been lately changing them to VARIATIONS in upcoming MKX.

Take an example of BOB in tekken because he is my favourite and on second heihachi mishima.
BOB down+1 is 0 frame on block in tekken 6 and is considered as the most useful move which changes to -8 or -9 on block in tekken tag tournament 2. Now simply what i have to do is stop using d+1 in TTT2 and find another useful move, Do you think changing these types of things really making any changes to game. Secondly this also answers your second talk that is

3d MKs were damn cool, with such great graphics and a different but still easy to master gameplay.
Now i asked you remembering only frame data is easy to master or learning the whole gameplay while the new features is added to game is easy to master?

I really don't know the truth but i think the great difference between you and me is you play MK for just knowing story mode and entertainment but i play MK for participating in tournaments,challenges and money matches around my country and i have challenged and defeat almost all players that belongs to my country.
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