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I disagree with the OP. I think Tekken is a far better 3d franchise than MK was in their 3d era (At least technically). 3d MKs were damn cool, with such great graphics and a different but still easy to master gameplay. MKDA and MKD, in order are my favourite MK games along with MK2, because they're the ones that felt the most like Arcade fighters to me.

As for Kombatant_Mark_Anthony, the oldest game i played in the Tekken series is 3. And despite not having the chance to play it that much i was already sold after a couple fights. Tekken5 was my favourite after T3 and i played it even more. Had better competition since i fought against friends during that time.

Pain WroteTekken has simply shift itself to 3d secondly they have added rage mode and nothing more. Basically they are running their game on the same pattern. To me tekken is like changing characters frame and then simply add 2 new character and release the game

I like to have reoccuring/familiar characters in a franchise. Especially legendary series such as VF, Tekken and MK. What MK did great with expanding their roster, others did better than them at keeping characters and stories together for the most part (Which MK lost themselves with too many, they did the reboot we know.)

And that last part i quoted tells me that you still talk out of your hat Pain, and probably have played 1 or 2 Tekken games to actually not be able to see how many new characters arrived along the years. Without forgetting the fact that some of those new faces had been given great parts (Think of Tekken6 story or adventure mode. Still MK did a lot in terms of roster but they drop 75% and more of their new roster each new turn). Have you played Tekken6? Or the last Tag Tournament? Tekken7 doesn't seem to use the route of a lot of new stuff as much as 6 but let' see.
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