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Is this arena discussion or Kabal's Flaws discussion?
We'll have all characters able to use the Arena to their advantage in MKX. For a game like MK9, in 2D, where there's no ring out unless it happens during a fatality arena advantage isn't as appearant with a character more than another like you seem to think. A good player can apply a good wall combo when he needs to and has the chance to do so.

Don't get me wrong. You seem to have learned your lessons and know that Kabal has weakness. I'm not a bit impressed by that though. I never played MK in competitions and haven't had good casual matches against friends in a while. But don't think that posting here what you noticed about a particular character, what many other players may have already noticed about many more chars would make you an expert against a Kabal player that would be able to kick your ass with his hands behind his back.

I've known ways to punish Kabal since MK3, so i thought. As a Kabal player, i can easily say that i wasn't the best Kabal player in my group around the MK3 era and all that theory bullsh*t goes down the drain once you start to lose.

And for the arena thing. MK in 3d and with many ring outs possibilities, think of a game like Soul Calibur, then you can easily learn characters advantages in particular arenas with the 8 way run features. i.e: Cervantes' Instant Geo Da Ray in SC is a + against a downed or an opponent against the wall. It's also useful to punish your adversary with avoiding to ring yourself out.

MK9 characters have all different tactics and moves. But an arena in this one could be an ovious advantage for a character if only some arenas were smaller than others in terms of 2d scaling.
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