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Arena(stages) does matter in mk9
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I was wondering if Arena(stage) matters in gameplay and after watching many tournament and playing against different players i came to conclusion YES, it does matter. For the sake of argument lets consider KABAL as our example. what i think is one of the biggest misconceptions within us is that Kabal wins all his matchups. My simple formula to beating Kabal is allowing players to corner themselves. Secondly, You have to keep attack him and take a risk once he’s knocked down. Kabal doesn’t have the best wakeup game and it’s risky for him to just throw out dashes since they’re punishable with full combo.
Since, the main thing includes pushing kabal to corner and here where arena matter. Kabal is much easier to defeat in short distance arena like PIT and will face much difficulties defeating him in stages like Rooftop because of his zoning. Remember, he is the best zoning character on ground as well as on air. Many other character like johnny cage, sub zero and specially jax does depend upon arena. Who else do you think can take advantage of arena?

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