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Complete Character in Mk9

I will name 2 character as the most complete character in mk9 that can beat almost all other characters. This topic is different from discussing about ranking and putting different character in either S-Tier or A-Tier category.

To me kung lao is the 1st complete character that has almost every thing.
1)2 types of fire ball plus the enhanced fireball can be done as a mix up.
2)He has one of the best anti-air move(spin df-1).
3)Teleport and armour teleport is no doubt includes in the most useful move of the kung lao with differnet variations(means pressing 1,2,3 or 4 after teleport).
4)He has the ability to start good damage combo with low move i.e back-3-3 than spin and so on.
5)He has the ability to do good poking damage.

Second one includes Cyrax
1)The greatest advantage lies beside cyrax is damage.
2) Nice Anti-air grab can be easily done even the character is at cross-up.
3)Teleport, kinda slow but has a great advantage if can be done carefully.
4)Believe me he is the best poking player in the game. There is no other character uptill now who can punish in between his 1-2-1 even player is using him as empty.
5)The only thing that cyrax lack off is that he does not has the ability to do low move combos.

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