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Originally Posted by Rain View Post
Dude Heroes are ment to win LOL.. Its called "Storyline"..
storyline is about both knewledge and power.

in gameplay,the charectars are only judged by power,the player or the cpu is the knewledge controling them.

but in storyline,every charectar has his own knewledge and inteligense,even if the boss villian was more powerfull than the hero,the hero wins by his knewledge and inteligence.

like attacking his opponents weakness,or training hard enough to be more powerfull.

you see,villians are not smart(if not stupid) and most of them underestimate their opponents.

but heros ALWAYS use their brain and knewledge along with their power to beat their opponents.

rain,i'll remind you with the MK words that you once said(here in mknexus)

"there is NO knewledge that is NOT Power"(every kind of knewledge IS power)


storyline where heros beat the villians are about knewledge and power(judged by the charectars knewledge)

gameplay is about power(judged by player and cpu's knewledge)
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