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text MKast Series 2 Episode 2
Oct 27, 2010 - 11:23 AM - by MKRayden
MKast Episode 2 has been released on youtube now:

Here, we can see the Producer, Hector Sanchez, and the Senior Producer, Hans Lo, and a team of people that made Mortal Kombat.
We have, John Edwards (Lead Designer), Paulo Garcia (Lead Designer) and Brian LeBaron (Designer) who all answer the Fan Questions that have been posted on their twitter.
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text Mortal Kombat EGS 2010 México
Oct 26, 2010 - 2:56 PM - by MKRayden
Mortal Kombat had landed in Latin America with a playable build for the first time at the Game Planet booth inside the Electronic Games Show.

you can also check out Mortal Kombat's translated schedule at the show right here.

below another one

Kung Lao vs Sub Zero + Kitana vs Sub Zero
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text Whole Mortal Kombat Character Roster Revealed?
Oct 22, 2010 - 7:18 PM - by MKRayden
we now have another bit of interesting news for all you “MK” fans out there, as I’ve recently come across an article by Dave Shaw over at that gives the possible line-up of characters for the new game. Although at this stage, it is just guesswork.It appears that a rumored character select screen did its rounds earlier this year and after studying it, has come to an interesting conclusion. It seems that they’ve sort of worked out the identities of the currently unrevealed characters.
When they realized that the amount of character spaces – 26 in total – on the “Mortal Kombat” 2011 release was the very same number of characters that are featured in all of the Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3 and “UMK3” games put together, they worked it out from there.
This means that we could well be seeing characters such as Sonya, Raiden,... [Read More]
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text Mortal Monday - Scorpion Biography Video
Oct 19, 2010 - 2:52 AM - by Shan
In this video we get a look at the ninja assassin and learn a bit about the beginnings of his rivalry with Sub Zero.

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text Mortal Kombat - What Would You Do With Scorpion's Spear?
Oct 16, 2010 - 11:57 AM - by MKRayden
The MKCommunity manager has just uploaded a video asking "What would you do with Scorpion's Spear?" in a Pop Quiz style.
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text offical website count down finish
Oct 12, 2010 - 1:28 PM - by MKRayden
MK9 official website count down is now finished and the reveled scorpion high resolution render and one is teaser

Updated 13-10-2010

MK9 Official website minor change now it's show mini select screen included secret character.

here is another scorpion render it seems this story mode capture image
... [Read More]
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